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2023-07-08 09:19:47

How to Cook Skirt Steak on the Stove in Cast Iron Skillet - Easy Beef Skirt Steak Recipe, NO Grill

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Today , I'm gonna show you how to cook the perfect medium rare skirt steak in less than five minutes without a barbecue grill .

And before you start prepping your steak , you have to preheat your cast iron pen , set the burner to hide the highest setting that you have on your burner and just let it be while you're prepping the steak .

Skirt steak usually has a fat side and a skinny side .

And in order to achieve the perfect medium rare skirt steak , we're going to slice it right about in the middle and we're going to cook it two different lengths of time .

We're going to cook this one a little bit more than the skinny one because we want both to be medium rare .

So here I have my skinny one and I have my fat one .

And for those of you who know me well , you know that , I always say that less .

It's more so the only thing I'm adding to the skirt steak , it's kosher salt and I'm going to add Kosher salt on both sides .

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I'm going to tap it a little bit , flip it over , sell this side as well and you can see how much salt I'm putting , it's about a pinch of salt on each .

Then I'm gonna sell this guy , the skinny one that I'm going to cook a little less .

You don't need anything else .

Unless , unless you're cooking Mexican or Asian dish , you don't need to marinate it .

You don't need to waste your time .

And once the pan is nicely heated up , we're going to start cooking and I'm going to use the step watch on my phone .

So I will start with the thicker piece , put it in the pan and we will do two minutes and we're just about at two minutes , we're going to stop it .

You see how easy it is .

It's not stuck at all and we'll start for another two minutes .

This way , you're getting this nice charcoal grill flavor .

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So if you don't have a barbecue grill , this is a great way to cook your skirt steak and we are four minutes .

Now , I'm gonna take it out .

I'm gonna let it rest right over here and now I'm going to cook the skinny one in this for the skinny part or the skinny side .

We're just gonna do one minute on each side and we're the one minute mark sleeping over .

We're gonna wait until the timer gets to two minutes and that is going to be so absolutely delicious and we are done .

I'm gonna let it rest for at least 10 minutes because it's gonna continue to cook while it's resting and then we're gonna slice it .

And when it comes to slicing the skirt steak , the meat mussels , the grain of the meat goes out this way .

So we are going to slice it this way .

So across perpendicular to the direction of the Mussels .

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Look at that perfect medium rare .

Look how wonderful that is right here for you .

That is just absolutely beautiful .

And I'm gonna slice the skinny part one so I can show you that the skinny part .

It's perfectly medium rare as well .

There you go .

Perfect medium rare steak .

I hope you enjoyed this video .

And if you have any questions , please put them in the comment section below .

And if you're new to my channel , please subscribe .

I'll see you next time guys .

Bye .


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