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2023-07-09 14:11:56

How to cook steaks the traditional way

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Hi , my name is Patrick Uber .

I'm going to demonstrate how to prepare two stack , two different ways .

One pan seared and one grilled .

I'm going to be using an then goose 200 days green fat rib eye from Australia .

So beautiful meat , superb quality that I've been using in my restaurant over the last 10 years , hot frying pan .

Make sure it's hot and just slightly smoky .

Let's the sack seed on the bottom of the pan .

Do not shake the pan .

You want to achieve a nice crust on your sack .

So you let the sack caramelize by themselves .

How to check the doughnut of your sack .

It's always a bit tricky .

The point of sometimes the aging of the sack .

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The quality of the sack , the thickness of the sack it comes with , it should take about two minutes on each side .

If it becomes too smoky means too hot , you can bring down the heat .

At this stage .

We're going to add some butter .

The butter will help us caramelize the meat .

Get a nice nutty roasted taste to the meat and make it nice , lovely brown color .

I am using a US prime corn fed silo steak , which came out top of uh our last comparison video we did , um , recently season the steak with Australian sea salt , crushed black pepper corn and fine chopped rosemary .

Turn it over and do the same on the other side .

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The is an easier , uh , cut to get a nice green marks , uh , very uniform with a even thickness .

They warm up the grill pan on a high heat , make sure it's really hot .

Add the stack already preseason on a grill without any extra oil or butter directly on the grill and grill it about 2 to 3 minutes on the one side , 2 90 degrees to cross mark the stack and let it brown another 2 to 3 minutes to another and do the same on the other side , remove , remove the beef from the pan place it on a meat rack to allow the juices to drip off .

Generally five minutes .

It's enough time to , to raise the meat .

Ok .

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Now I'm gonna prepare a garage that goes with , uh mostly older version of beef stacks , which is salted onions , bacon and mushrooms .


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