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2023-07-08 09:21:49

Air Fryer Steak Bites _ Carnivore Recipes

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What's up everybody today , we're making some air fryer steak bites .

This is one of my favorite go to recipes when I'm feeling lazy .

Maybe I don't want to fire up my grill or maybe the weather is not cooperating the grill outside .

This has to be the easiest and quickest way to uh quickly cook up some delicious steak .

Um My favorite cut of steak to use for this is Top sirloin or like a petite sirloin .

Uh Really any kind of sirloin steak is my favorite , but like a New York strip steak also works really well for this .

And so what I'm gonna do is just take one steak .

Uh You don't want to overload your air fryer when you're cooking these .

So I usually just cook one steak at a time .

I'm just gonna pat my steak dry .

Then I'm going to cut it up into bite size cubes .

Then I'm just gonna throw it in a bowl and toss it with a little bit of uh primal kitchen avocado oil , just a little bit like a tablespoon or two .

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And then I'm going to simply season it with just a little bit of salt and black pepper most of the time .

I just keep it simple like that .

And then I'll serve it uh with some kind of uh dipping sauce .

I love to dip these .

So I'll serve these with some kind of primal kitchen barbecue sauce .

I've got the classic today , but my favorite is probably the Hawaiian barbecue for dipping .

But to cook these , I'm just going to preheat my air fryer .

Uh I'm gonna set the temperature for 400 degrees and just let it heat up for four or five minutes .

And then once it's heated up , I'm going to toss my steak bites into the air fryer basket and then I'm gonna cook these for about 10 to 15 minutes .

Seems to be the sweet spot .

Every air fryer is a little bit different .

So , uh what you're gonna want to do is just check it every five minutes or so and give it a little shake .

See how it's looking .

Uh , a meat thermometer comes in handy .

You can use this and just stick your biggest piece of meat .

Uh 1 35 is the internal temperature of medium rare .

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So that's probably what you want to look for .

But after 10 or 15 minutes there is my steak bites .

Super easy .

Super delicious .

I'm gonna serve this with my barbecue sauce and I've got a delicious quick meal in under 20 minutes today .

I also wanna try a couple of variations of my go to steak bites .

So I'm gonna do a teriyaki version .

Uh , today I've got the Primal Kitchen .

No soy island teriyaki sauce , the regular , no soy teriyaki also works .

But I'm just going to do the same thing .

Cut up my steak and I'm going to marinate my steak in the island teriyaki .

Let that sit for a couple hours and I'm also going to do a version , uh , where I'm gonna marinade my steak in a little bit of the Greek and a little bit of the Italian Prima dressing .

I couldn't choose which one .

So I'm just gonna do a little bit of both set that aside for a couple of hours .

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And so for the Greek slash Italian dressing version , I'm also just gonna season this with salt and pepper and also a little bit of Italian seasoning .

Throw those in my air fryer , cook them for 10 to 15 minutes and look at that , those smell and look delicious .

And then my teriyaki version , same thing .

I'm gonna season with a little bit of salt and pepper and then throw them in my air fryer and look at that .

That looks beautiful for the Greek and Italian steak bites .

I toss a little bit of uh fresh parsley on there and I'm gonna serve that with uh some of the garlic ao mayo for dipping and then the , my teriyaki steak bites uh would go really great with one of the barbecue sauces .

I think today I'm gonna use the mango jalape o barbecue sauce and between the three versions .

Uh my favorite was actually the teriyaki steak bites .

Uh the teriyaki sauce uh gave it a little bit of a caramelization which I really liked , but a lot of great flavor options .

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So you never get bored here with the steak bites .

And if you want to pick up any of the Primal kitchen uh dressings or sauces you saw in this video , you can get them all at primal kitchen dot com .

If you use the code , hello , 20 you can get 20% off your entire order .

Just a little .

Thank you for checking out our channel .

Thank you for watching and I will see you next time .

I'm gonna try one of these so good .


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