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2023-07-07 14:00:44

How to Perfectly Cook Pasta by Tarla Dalal

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Hi guys , welcome to Tara's kitchen .

I'm Nancy .

And today I'm gonna show you how to boil pastas and macaroni and noodles perfectly in any recipe that uses pasta , macaroni noodles .

The basic step is how to boil them perfectly .

So this cooking tip video is going to help you master the art of boiling them .

So let's see how it's done .

Now , here are a variety of pastas and macaroni .

As you can see here , this is Penne pasta , this is fly , this is macaroni and these are the noodles .

There are other kinds of pasta also .

There is , which is also called as the past pasta .

There's shell pasta .

The noodles also have a different kind of variety over here .

This is Hakka noodles .

Other kind of noodles are flat noodles , which is also called as fettuccini .

Then there's spaghetti also .

So now I'm going to start by showing you how to cook them perfectly .

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Now , the first step for boiling any noodles or pastas is you have to take a lot of water in a large pan , bring it to boil .

So I switch on the gas and let this water come to boil .

Now , water has come to boil , we'll add some salt and add a few drops of oil .

This is going to help the pasta not sticking to each other when it's getting boiled .

I will just give it a slight mix and add the pasta .

Now , always remember to cook the pasta on high flame because this will help the pasta in cooking quickly and evenly .

The cooking time also depends based on the shape and size of the pastas .

It also depends on the thickness of the pasta .

If you're cooking noodles , the fettuccini noodles will take a longer time .

The normal noodles will take a little lesser time , just stir it once or twice in between to ensure that they're not sticking together .

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But as you have added oil , that's not going to happen , it's not necessary to cover the vessel while cooking the pasta , you can cook it like this uncovered .

I'll just give it a mix .

Again , the pastas , you can see they're still looking a bit raw .

This is gonna take approximately 10 to 12 minutes here .

I'm showing you how to completely cook the pasta .

A perfectly cooked pasta is very tender .

But form when you hold it in big dishes , normally the pasta has to be parboiled and then when they're put in the oven , it gets cooked at that time over here , this pasta is going to be used when you want to just toss it in a pasta sauce .

Now , let's check , you can see the raw look of the pasta is completely gone .

When you hold it , it's a bit form at touching .

So that's a sign that the pasta is cooked .

We will switch off the flame and immediately drain it .

Otherwise , the pasta will start sticking to each other .

And the main part is to refresh it with cold water .

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This stops the further cooking of the pasta and will prevent it from sticking to each other .

Drain it thoroughly and keep it aside .

I drain the water completely over here .

This pasta can be used immediately to be tossed in a pasta sauce .

But if you're gonna keep it aside for some time , what you can do is take some oil and just pour some oil over the pasta and just give it a toss by adding oil .

This pasta can be kept aside for some time and can be later tossed in a sauce of your choice .

So I hope this boiled pasta cooking tip helps you give us the comments below and let us know how it turned out .


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