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2023-07-10 08:41:05

SPICY Sausage Pantry Pasta in 15 minutes!

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hi guys .

Today , I want to show you a really handy pantry pasta recipe that makes use of stuff you most likely have to hand .

It's all about sizzling sausages , beautiful sweated down onions and all the spice from the store cupboards with chilli , oregano and some fennel seeds .

The beauty of this recipe is that it just comes together in the time it takes for the pasta to cook and leaves you with a luscious and gorgeous indulgent pasta that is ready to be served to the dinner table .

So we're gonna start it off by slicing up our onion .

I have one large onion here , and I'm gonna slice it nice and finely so that it cooks out quite quickly .

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Now , the true success of this pantry pasta is allowing those onions to sweat out and become nice and sweet and caramelised .

So give them a minute before you start cooking off your pasta for your pasta .

I have a big pot of boiling water .

I'm gonna salt that quite heavily and then add our spaghetti in and get it started cooking .

OK , we've got pasta cooking away .

We've got onions nicely sweated down .

It's time to get in there with some good Italian sausages .

I'm gonna squeeze the meat out of the casings and then slice up some garlic and get it all in the pan and get it cracking .

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Once the garlic is in there , there's serious flavour action going on the base of this pan .

But don't be afraid of those gnarly bits .

I want kind of tiny little crispy bits .

I want those bigger , meatier bits , so don't break it down too much .

And once you have it at this point , now it's time to get in there with our store cupboard essentials .

I've got some fennel seeds , some chilli flakes , a little bit of dried oregano and a tin of cherry tomatoes , so let's get our sauce on right now .

We are cooking .

Those cherry tomatoes are in there .

They've created a bit of a sauce , and then you've got all those great flavours from the fennel , the oregano and that chilli flake in there as well .

Do make sure to season at this point always important with a recipe like this to make sure that you season as you go .

And now that we have this sizzling away and starting to kind of come together as a beautiful sauce .

Our pasta is nearly cooked .

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I'm gonna blitz up some pecorino and then let's serve up , OK , Time to assemble .

We've got the Peppino cheese .

We've got our sauce nearly there .

Our pasta is definitely cooked , but before we combine it all , I want to get in there and just taste this sauce to make sure we're in the right place .

Alright .

Wow , that sausage meat is super fatty and it's created this rich and IOUs sauce along with the spices in there , The sweetness of the tomatoes .

Good things are happening in here and I don't want it to be too saucy .

So we're literally going to add the pasta in here , get it mixed around with a little bit of pecorino cheese and serve it up .

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Last little touch of pecorino .

And just have a look at that .

That is a serious pantry pasta that only takes minutes to make .

And the beauty of it is that you get all the richness of a Ragu with half the time , if not even more than half the time .

So let's dig in and try some .

Hm Hm .

Oh , there are so many good things happening in this dish .

Right now .

It's the meatiness of the sausage .

It's the levels of spice you've got chilli flakes , the fennel , the sweetness of the fennel , and then that kind of rounded flavour you get from oregano .

The fattiness of the sausage is essential here , and that's what's giving you that lovely kind of wrap around sauce across the spaghetti .

Simple little ingredients that just elevated the basil .

The pecorino all kind of go to making a really simple pasta that you can make in minutes .

If you want the full recipe for this beauty , you will get it in the box below .

Make sure you hit that subscribe button and ring the bell to get notifications when recipe videos land like this .

And , of course , I'd love to hear from you .

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If this is a pantry pasta recipe , you will give a go .

Or even if you have your own version of a pantry pasta .

I would love to hear from you , so leave a comment in the box below .

Until then , I'm off to tuck in , so see you soon


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