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2023-07-10 09:20:43

How to Prepare and Cook 'PERFECT' FRIED RICE By Following These Simple Steps That Are Fool Proof!

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Oh , hello .

This is from Walk with talk and welcome to my youtube channel .

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I'm gonna show you how I use my fast cooking system to create a unique f rice .

This is cooked with a template rather than a recipe .

Consequently , I can tailor the fire rice exactly how I like it .

This exemplify both the advantage as well as the pleasure of home cooking .

After I heat up the walk , I add three tablespoons of canola oil to my cua 14 inch standard steel wok I heat up the oil to its smoking point which takes about 30 to 45 seconds .

As soon as the oil start to smoke gently , I turn down the heat .

I need to move for another 15 seconds .

And this is a time when I season the walk .

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I call this the spot seasoning method .

And the first step in cooking this fried rice is to scramble three eggs .

I'm gonna cook the egg first because I want the egg to be well cooked and I want them to be in relatively large chunk so I can taste them the egg should not stick to the walk at all .

Uh If it does , it means that your walk is not seasoned enough most of the time , if you let the oil to smoke a little bit longer , the walk will be better seasoned .

And there are many different ways to cook eggs for the fried rice .

Some people like the egg to be relatively soft , but I like my egg hard and this is the reason that I cook the egg first .

Also , I do not scramble the egg into tiny pieces because I like that texture in the fried rice .

OK ?

Now the egg is about ready .

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And next , I'm going to stir fry the rice .

I'm gonna use about two cups of rice .

This is jasmine rice .

And when I cook the rice , I use one cup of rice to one and a quarter cup of water .

I like my rice on the relatively dry side .

And that is particularly important .

If you want to make a good five rice , I then leave the rice in the refrigerator .

Uh Usually for about several days , this will dry out the rice .

As you can see here , the rice are formed in big chunks .

I find that the best way to break up the rice is use a kitchen gadget known as a hamburger meat chopper .

I first found my friend Sandy using something like this to break up hamburger meat .

When she make chilies , it immediately occurred to me that this will be great for breaking up rice when you make five rice .

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And before that , I break up the rice with the spatula and it usually make quite a big mess .

Now , here it is very important that you want to break up the rice as much as possible because with a good five right , you want the rice kernel individual and separate from each other .

By this point , I checked the heat of my stove , I turned it down to medium so that I would not burn the rice .

I also add a little bit more oil .

If there is not enough oil , the fire rice tend to get burned after breaking up the rice sufficiently .

I next switch to my spatula and when it comes to stir frying the spatula is more efficient with a 14 inch walk .

Uh the amount of rice in the walk is just about right .

Uh This will keep the temperature of the rice sufficiently high in the reaction temperature range .

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If you have too much rice , it's going to overcrowd the walk .

At this point , I keep a close eye on the heat capacity of the burner .

I want there to be enough heat to maintain the temperature for the mala reaction to occur .

At the same time , I do not want to have too much heat that causes the rice to burn a slight charring of the rice is good .

But when it become too burned , then it become bitter by stir the content in the world consistently .

You will ensure all the ingredients are cooked evenly .

As you can see here .

It's important to have the rice kernel separate from each other .

So they all will be individually fried to develop a slight crunchy texture , which for me is the hallmark of a good fried rice .

I'm going to cook this fried rice with cauliflower .

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Instead of using the floret of the cauliflower , I use the stem as well as the leaves of the cauliflower .

And this is the pot that I used to discard .

And then I learned from my cousin Marge .

They are completely usable and they not only taste great but they are highly nutritional .

And therefore now when I prep cauliflower , I always chop them up .

I use them in several different dishes .

But the one that I use most often for is fire rice and because the stems and the leaves are chopped up into very small chunks .

So they cook rapidly .

Uh to me , they are very flavorful .

They give the fire rice an exquisite and subtle flavor , which is a great substitution for salt over consumption of salt is a significant issue in this country .

By this point , the cauliflower is probably about 60 70% done .

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And next , I'm going to add some white mushroom .

This is where flavor chasing comes into play .

Uh because I like my mushroom relatively firm and this is the reason I add them at a later stage of the cooking process .

So as you can see , the design of my cooking steps are in the service of flavor .

By adding individual food ingredients .

At different cooking stage , you can control their flavor by managing the texture .

As we all recognize texture plays a critical role in how a food ingredient taste .

Each step is to maximize the flavor of individual ingredients as well as the dish as a whole .

I'm going to season this dish very lightly with my basic seasoning mixed , which is designed to enhance the natural flavor of the food ingredients .

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You can take a look at this video to learn about its components .

I think the fried rice with some scallion that I find already prepped in the refrigerator at this point .

Uh The fried rice is done .

Uh The texture of all the ingredients is pretty much the way how I like them .

Uh I turn off the heat because my wife loves cheese .

I'm going to season the fried rice with a cheese mixture that I purchased .

It contain three different types of cheese .

They are in Seago , Parmesan and Romano .

I'm gonna add the cheese to the fried rice .

I'm going to let the remaining heat of the fire rice to melt the cheese .

I have identified rice in many different ways such as oyster sauce , hoisin sauce , and soy sauce .

However , for this evening , uh I would like to season the fried rice differently .

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The final ingredients .

I'm going to add to the fried rice is some kai seed .

A kai seed will add a little bit texture to the fried rice .

And furthermore , kai seed is a nutritional powerhouse .

Uh It is rich in magnesium , potassium antioxidant and omega three fatty acid .

After mixing everything in with my work spatula , the dish is done and the total cook time is a little bit over 10 minutes .

At the two lesson for today's video is the importance of rice in a five rice dish .

It must be optimum in its flavor of which include taste texture and aroma .

And most people will agree uh of these three characteristics .

The texture definitely is most significant .

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Everybody prefer the texture of slightly crisp and the kernel being distinct and not mushy .

I want need to pay attention to several attributes in order to achieve this texture .

The first attribute is that the rice should be sufficiently dried because if it is red , it will not be able to fry up into this crispy texture .

Everything will determine this texture .

A first is always use long grain rice .

A second is to cook rice with a limited amount of water so that the rice will turn out on the dry side .

A third is to store the cooked rice in the refrigerator so that it could be dry out further .

If you follow these guidelines , your rice will turn out to be great .

I post a new video every day uh to teach my fast cooking system .

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Uh If you are interested and would like to adopt this cooking system , please subscribe to my youtube channel and thank you for watching .

I will see you tomorrow .


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