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2023-07-08 09:22:43

Foil Baked Garlic Butter Steak and Potatoes

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Welcome friends today .

I'm cooking with Claudia .

We're making foil , garlic butter , steak and potatoes .

This recipe is so easy to make .

Everything is baked in a foil .

It's such a delicious recipe with amazing flavor .

Let's get started for this recipe .

We're using four small gold potatoes .

It's about £1 of gold potatoes .

I'm going to leave all ingredients and measurements for this recipe in the description box , I'm cutting each potato into four equal sizes , make sure the sizes are cut up equally .

Otherwise they're not going to cook evenly .

Ok , guys , once the potatoes are all cut up , we're going to partially cook them .

So I have a pot of boiling water here , I'm going to add a little bit of salt , then drop the potatoes in .

We're going to let the potatoes cook for 10 to 12 minutes .

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They should be semi soft and firm when they're done .

Drop the potatoes into a large bowl and set aside to cool .

Next , we're going to cut up some steak .

I'm using two New York strip steak .

I'm going to slice each steak into two , then cut into eight equal chunks .

Once the steak is all cut up .

I'm going to add it to the potatoes .

Next , we're going to add a finely sliced onion and some minced garlic .

We're also adding some Italian seasoning , freshly chopped parsley , smoked paprika salt and black pepper in last some olive oil .

Next , we're going to toss everything together .

Make sure you mix very well .

You can even marinate this .

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If you have time , you toss all the ingredients together in the morning , stir it in the fridge and then come dinner time , take it out and cook it .

We're going to cook the potatoes in the foil .

So I have 4 , 12 by 12 foil papers .

Here , I'm going to divide the steak and potatoes among all four aluminum foils .

Next , we're going to place some slices of butter onto each foil of steak and potatoes .

Next , all we have to do is fold the foil over the steak and potatoes into packets just like this .

Then we're going to place the packets onto a baking sheet .

I've gone ahead and preheated my oven to 4 25 F .

I'm going to bake the steak and potatoes for exactly 20 minutes .

This step is optional .

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But after 20 minutes , I'm going to turn my oven to the broiler setting .

Take out the steak and potatoes , open the packet .

Then I'm going to place them under the broiler for one minute .

As you can see , the steak and potatoes look good as they are .

You guys can skip this step , but I like a little bit of golden brown color .

So I'm going to put this under the broiler for one minute .

Make sure you keep an eye though because that broiler can dry out your steak real quick .

And here they are , when they are done , they look so good .

You guys , I don't even have words to explain to you how delicious this meal is .

The potatoes are nice and soft .

They melt in your mouth just the way I like them .

And because the steak is cooked in a foil , it's so tender and juicy and there's something about eating this meal out of the foil , it makes it taste even better .

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And the way the onions are cooked , they add a little bit of sweetness to the whole meal and the sauce sitting on the steak and potatoes is really good .

Excuse me for eating with my hands .

But when food tastes so good , this is how you eat it .

All right .

I don't know what I'm talking about .

I'm leaving .

I will see you guys later if you want the ingredients and measurements .

Check the description box .

Bye guys .


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