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2023-07-08 09:25:24

Oven Cooked NY Strip Steak Recipe - How To Cook Steak In The Oven

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Hi guys .

Welcome back to my channel .

I head chef mom , I'm Kendall Lawrence and I am just so excited that you're here again with me today and today I want to share with you one of my favorite methods for cooking a steak .

I'm gonna cook a New York strip steak for you in the oven and I know what you're thinking .

Oh my gosh .

You know , a steak has to be on the grill .

I know a lot of you think that , but you can have a steak that is equally as good cooking it in stores in the oven , especially if you use this method that I'm going to show you today .

Now , let me tell you a little bit about the New York strip steak .

It is one of the premium cuts of steak and it has excellent flavor .

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It's got a big bold beefy flavor , but it is the least tender of the select cuts of steak .

It really is .

So if you're looking for a steak that is more tender but still has really great fla flavor , you're gonna wanna go with um something like a rib eye or filet mignon or a t-bone those are all excellent steaks .

But I think that the flavor in a New York strip is just a little bit better than those steaks .

And I love all of those cuts too .

But the flavor is something about the flavor that you get from that New York strip steak that I love .

Ok .

So , um , let's go ahead .

Let's get started .

Come on in and let's take a look at the ingredients .

So here are the ingredients for our oven cooked New York strip steaks .

Simple .

All I have here is some salt and black pepper .

I'm using sea salt cause that's what I have use what you like , whatever kind of salt you like .

And I have some canola oil and of course , I've got a couple of New York strip steaks .

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And so , um , we're gonna go ahead and start putting this together and I wanna let you know that I have my oven on broil right now and I have my cast iron skillet in the oven and I'm letting it heat up because we want a screaming hot pan .

So I'm letting it heat up for 20 minutes .

So when my skillet is very , very hot , after about 20 minutes , I'll be right back and we'll get this steak going .

So while we're waiting for our pan to get as hot as we want , let's go ahead and season our steaks .

So , what I'm going to do is I'm just going to drizzle a little bit of oil on the steak and rub it in and then I'm going to season it generously on both sides with my salt and pepper .

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And you wanna make sure you give it a generous season and you want to use your fingers or a brush or something to kind of push it in and you'll do this on both sides .

So my hot pan has come out of the oven now and I have my burner on high heat .

So I'm going to now place my steaks in the pan and I'm going to sear it for 30 seconds per side .

So it's been about 30 seconds and go another 30 seconds .

So I've gone 30 seconds on each side .

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Now , I'm gonna place this under the broiler for about three minutes because I want this to be a nice medium .

So it's been about three minutes and now I'm going to flip it over and I'm gonna put it back under the broiler for another three minutes .

So it's been three minutes on the other side .

And so now we're at our last and most important step , I'm going to remove these and put them on a plate and I'm going to let it rest for 10 minutes .

That's very , very important to let it rest .

So , here is our pretty New York strip steak that we cooked in the oven and I can't wait to eat it .

So let's give it a try .

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It looks amazing .

Mm .

That's a good state guys .

Really good .

I'm ready to go get off this video and devour this plate of food .

I made some nice sides here .

I sauteed some um zucchini and squash and onions and some mushrooms .

I'm out guys .

I hope you enjoyed this recipe .

Please comment like , subscribe , share and go feed your family .

I love you guys .

Bye bye .


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