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2023-07-08 09:19:56

Instant Pot How To Cook Steak In A Pressure Cooker

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Hey buddy .

Today in this video we'll be cooking New York strip steaks in the pressure cooker .

Let's get started .

We're gonna add some sea salt .

Turn it over you go .

You can be generous with salt if you like uh , some garlic powder , more product .

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Next , we're gonna add some onion powder is over the onion powder and black pepper and lastly and rosemary for it , turn it over .

Ok .

Ok .

And uh , we're gonna let this sit for 30 minutes and we'll be back .

Ok ?

It's been 30 minutes and now let's start cooking up the steak .

We're gonna turn it on saute , we're gonna let it heat up first .

Ok .

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The pot is hot and now we're gonna add some olive oil , go make sure it's coated .

Yep .

Ok .

Now we're gonna add the New York strip steak .

We're gonna let it cook for two minutes on each side .

Ok .

It's been two minutes .

Let's turn it over looking good and we're gonna cook the other side for two minutes as well .

Ok .

It's been two minutes and uh , we're just gonna cook up the fat , we're just gonna turn it on the side and just let it cook on the side for a second .

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Ok .

That looks good .

We're gonna take the stick out .

We're gonna turn off the , uh , pressure cooker and now we're just gonna add some water , we added around one cup of water and , uh , we're just gonna deglaze the pot real quick guys .

If you have any of that stuff stuck on there , you might get a , a burner , so you don't want that stuff stuck on it .

So you make sure everything is deglazed and , uh , removed from the sticking to the pot .

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Next thing , what we're gonna do is at the , uh , pivot into the pot and then we're gonna add the steak back in , go and we're also gonna add two slices of salted butter .

OK ?

Let's , uh , put the cover on , lock it in place .

We're gonna set it to pressure cooker so we can add your custom time and then we're going for five minutes .

There you go .

And for the pressure level you want it on high .

Here we go .

It's on high for five minutes .

And , uh , we're just gonna let it start .

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Ok ?

It's gonna start cooking and , uh , we'll be back in five minutes .

Ok ?

It's been five minutes and , uh , we're gonna cancel and now what we're gonna do is release the pressure , there's a release pressure button , I'm just gonna push it .

I'm just gonna let it release the pressure as you can see that drop back down .

So that means the pressure is uh , back to normal .

Oh , looking good .

Ok , let's uh , take off the stick .

Hey , here's a steak .

It's gonna take it off the rack .

We're gonna let it sit and rest for a couple of minutes .

Ok .

It's been a couple of minutes .

Let's cut it open .

Smells really good .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Looking good .

Ok .

This is what we have today .

New York strip steak cooked in the pressure cooker .

I hope you enjoyed this video .

Give this video a like and subscribe for more future recipes here .

Have a bite and thanks for watching .


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