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2023-07-10 09:15:47

Filet Mignon Steak in Cast Iron Skillet - EASY STEAK RECIPE!!

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In fact , I think one of my very first short format pieces of content was a pie sandwich and I think it kind of blew a few people's minds both for nostalgic reasons and I think they thought I was bonkers .

Alright .

The carrot we're just gonna dice as well .

Doesn't need to be super even .

And yeah , it looks like there's a lot of onion in this but it will kind of dissolve down um and it just gives like a really nice savory flavor and sweet flavor of the onion and for those of you who are wondering , yes , I still cry when I'm cutting onions some time and there's only one trick to not crying and that's having a really sharp knife .

Clearly , my life needs a bit of work at the moment .

I'm crying like a baby .

Alright .

So that's all the hard work done .

Pretty much pretty easy .

Start making our pie filling so heavy base pot , something like this , something that you've got the lid for , you're gonna need the lid for this .

You want a high temp neutral flavor oil and make sure you get hot before you put food in it or it will stick .

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So you're probably gonna have to do some batches I reckon or probably gonna go with two batches for this one .

We want nice browning on all sides .

Uh And if you have got pieces like this that have the fat on them still at the top , then make sure you put that fat side down first if you can , what that will do is it will render that fat out and help with flavor and also help with sealing and take your time with us .

No need to rush it .

You want good color .

The more color you can uh fill it at this stage , the more flavor you're gonna have in your end , put it in there , let it sit , just let it kind of get that color .

Get that flavor and that's what you're looking for , you know , really nice caramel color right now .

We've got a good flavor .

Pull this batch out , get the next one in , we'll just leave all that fat in there .

You might need to take them out before you cook the onions but worry about that then .

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Alright .

Sorry .

A bit loud , sorry .

Um but this second batch is pretty much done .

I actually wouldn't mind getting a bit more color on it but the fond or the stuff on the bottom of the pan is starting to get a bit hot .

Uh and we don't wanna burn that .

So if we burn that , then we lose all that flavor as well .

So I'd rather a little bit less color on the meat and keep our fond then get better color on the meat and lose our fond .

So we'll pull that out and we'll get our onions in there .

Turn those around and immediately those onions have soaked up all that fat and they don't look too greasy at all .

Get a little bit of salt in there .

Salt also helps to break the onions down faster .

Now again , these onions aren't quite ready , but I can see that my fond , although the color on the pan is still getting a bit dark .

So what I'm gonna do is use a bit of chicken stock to deglaze that now to save that flavor , which will perpetrate the onions and then we'll continue saut the onions .

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So I just don't wanna lose all that flavor .

Now , be really careful when you do that , when you pour that hot stock in there .

Um steam's gonna come off in a lot of steam at a pretty good rate .

Now , steam it hurts .

Steam .

Burns are the worst .

So just be careful , you kind of want to move that around pretty quickly and scrap the bottom and get all that stuff off but don't burn yourself uh in the process right now .

I'm happy that we've got most of that beautiful flavor off the bottom and my onions are kind of sauteed enough .

We've got the rest of that veg in there .

Carrot and celery saute that down a bit .

It doesn't need long .

Alright .

Bay leaves can go in a bit of liquid that's come off the meat .

Don't be afraid to put that in there as well .

It's not blood .

I think the term for it is hemoglobin .

I could be wrong .

Jump in the comments .

Let me know if I stuff that up .

I'm sure you would anyway hemoglobin .

My it could be completely wrong .

I think that's right , but it could be completely wrong .

Don't quote me on that one .

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So get your veg kind of evenly distributed across the meat .

Um , one other optional flavoring that I like to use is a H sauce and I think that just adds a really nice umami to kind of the western version of MS G or something , I guess .

Get a little bit of that in there and then we're just gonna top it up with beef stock .

You only want just enough to cover it and you're gonna cook this with the lid on for a couple of hours until your meat is pretty close to being tender .

And then we're gonna take the lid off for the last sort of half an hour and thicken that sauce .

So make sure that's all moving around , all that beautiful stuff off the bottom , put the lid on once it simmers , turn the pan down low two hours .

We'll see you then .

Alright .

It's time to start making this pie .

So this is what I want to use to make my pie .

So I'm gonna make what's like a family flies pie .

And the beauty of this is it's a little bit less work .

You can also do individual pies , you can do mini pies and muffin tins .

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We wanna go ahead and leave all that awesome bacon grease in the pan because we're gonna use that to help Sear the steak add some additional flavor as it cooks .

Now we're ready to drop the steak and I follow very strict timing guidelines for searing the steak .

I'm gonna cook it for three minutes on one side and I'm gonna flip it and cook it for one minute on the other side .

Can you hear that at home ?

Can you hear that steak sear ?

If delicious ?

Could make a sound , that would be it .

All right , the steak is cooked on this side for three minutes .

So I'm gonna flip it now and let it cook on the other side for just one minute .

Look at that great crusted tasty exterior on that steak that's gonna provide some nice crunch once we bite into it .

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Now that the steak is seared on this side for one minute , I'm gonna go ahead and take this pan and transfer it over to the oven where again , I have this oven heating at 435 degrees .

We've placed that steak in the middle rack and we're going to allow it to cook in there for about another six or eight minutes , as I mentioned earlier , there's absolutely no need to flip the steak as it cooks .

So why are we using the oven today ?

Well , while we're cooking a filet , this method works well for any thick cut steak .

Any steak that's an inch and a half thick or greater .

The reason we can't just cook it on the stove top is because of the thickness .

If we only cooked it there , what would happen is this , it would take a , a very long time and b the exterior would become actually burnt and once it burns , it will provide a really bitter flavor .

And , and trust me , I know I've messed a few up in my time .

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If you don't want anything too deep , you kind of want something that's not too deep .

So pretty simple .

We're gonna grease this up ever so slightly and for my peanut .

I forgot to get spray oil , but not to worry , I'm sure our ancestors didn't always have spray oil .

So a little bit of oil , paper towel grease all the way around .

Pretty simple .

So , we're gonna blind bake this .

So I've got my oven set at 100 and 80 F .

We're gonna use these chickpeas that I use to blind bake .

I reckon these are the best things to use for blind baking .

They're heavy enough to work .

Um They're a good enough shape that they kind of fill in all the gaps .

So have a piece of baking paper ready .

Like I was saying , at the start at the bottom , you want short crust pastry .

So these should fit just and I mean , just ideally you want a bit of overhang like you got here , we can probably push it up , stretch it out a little bit .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now , the trick is to use some of the off cuts , roll it up into a ball and use that to push out your corners .

And then the reason that that works so well is that it's , it adheres to the shape of it really well and you wanna kind of avoid heat .

So the less you can kind of handle this , the better now leave the majority of the edges hanging over .

We'll cut that off once it's cooked , it just gives the pie a bit of groom in case the casing shrinks a bit , which it normally does so this isn't perfect by no means it's a bit light here , it's a bit light here .

Paper in baking wil .

Alright we're gonna put that 100 and 80 grab them for 20 minutes and I'm gonna pull it out , pull the pie weights out and put it back in for another 10 minutes .

Alright 20 minutes take the pie weights out back in the other another 15 minutes .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And my answer is always right next to my other steak .

I'll see you next time .

Thanks guys .


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