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Pink Sauce Pasta _ Creamy Pasta Recipe _ Penne Pasta Recipes _ Dinner Recipes _ Pasta Recipe at Home

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Hello , everyone .

Welcome to home cooking with Mema Subramanian pastas are always enjoyable .

And today I'm going to show you a very interesting pink sauce pasta .

As the name indicates , the pink sauce is a combination of this nice rich tomato sauce and the mildly flavored white sauce .

This is going to be a very interesting recipe and I've made it using penne pasta .

So let's get started and check out the recipe for this recipe .

First , we're going to cook the pasta shells , boil a pot of water , add a little salt .

So adding about three cups of penny pasta , it's a 2 50 ML cup .

So you can use any pasta of your choice to make this recipe .

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So we need to cook the pasta till they are alden takes because when you add them to the sauce , it , you will be continuing to cook the pasta .

So you don't want to overcook it now .

So when the pasta is almost about 90% done , strain it and keep it aside .

So next , we're going to blanch , the tomatoes just make two slits on the bottom of the tomatoes .

This will help to blanche them faster and the skin will come off easily .

Boil some water in a pot and add the tomatoes to the hot water .

So , I've taken about eight small tomatoes for this recipe .

So once the tomatoes are blanched , remove them from the water , peel off the skin chop them into pieces and grind them to a nice fine puree .

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Keep the tomato fury aside .

So now we're gonna start making the pasta to a nice white pan .

Add about 70 5 g of unsalted butter .

Once the butter melts add about one tablespoon of oil .

Next , add finely chopped garlic cloves .

About 10 .

So you can use olive oil or refined oil .

Don't use anything with a very strong smell of flavor .

Now add one large onion , finely chopped , sort it for about two minutes .

Next , I'm adding a cup of chopped green capsicum , add a cup of chopped red capsicum .

So make sure they're all of equal size pieces .

Now add a cup of boiled pecan and mix everything together .

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Once you've cooked the vegetables for about 2 to 3 minutes , add one teaspoon of salt , one teaspoon of pepper , one teaspoon of red chili flakes and about two teaspoons of Italian seasoning , mix everything together .

So the seasoning is very important because it's gonna add a lot of flavor to the pasta .

If you don't have Italian seasoning , you can use oregano as well .

So the next step is to make the white sauce .

I'm adding about two tablespoons of that is all purpose flour to the vegetables .

So I'm going to make this a little differently .

I'm going to show it to you in a different method .

Mix the that is all purpose flour along with vegetables and cook it for about a minute .

So this is going to coat all the vegetables .

So now I'm going to add about one cup of milk .

Now gradually add milk till you get a nice thick creamy consistency .

Now that you have this nice creamy consistency , add the tomato puree and mix that in .

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You can see how beautifully the sauce is coming together .

Now I'm just going to add one tablespoon of tomato ketchup .

This is optional .

So if you don't add tomato ketchup , you don't have to , another ingredient that I'm adding is one teaspoon of paprika powder .

So if you don't have paprika , you can also use the regular red chili powder .

Again , this is also optional .

So to make the sauce all the more richer and cheesier , we're gonna add four slices of cheese and just mix everything together till it's all well blended .

If you feel the sauce is too thick , you can just dilute it a little bit with some milk .

Now add the cooked pasta shells and mix everything together till the pasta is nicely coated in the sauce .

I'll give you a few links to all the other pasta recipes that I've made .

You can check them out as well .

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Ok .

Yeah .

So finally I'm going to add a handful of basil leaves and mix that in .

It'll give a nice flavor to the pasta .

This delicious vegetable pink sauce pasta is ready to be served .

Make sure you serve it nice and hot .

I'm serving it with some nice bread by the side .

You can enjoy it as is another tip to go with it is in case the pasta becomes a little dry .

You can always add some warm milk to get that creaminess into the pasta .

This is a wonderful and easy recipe that you can try at home .

It's got these beautiful flavors and it tastes perfect .

Just like the ones you get in the restaurant .

It makes for a great meal .

Everybody at home will love it .

You can use any vegetables of your choice .

So for more exciting and wonderful recipes , subscribe to my youtube channel and click on the bell icon to get your notifications .

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As you can see this delicious pink sauce pasta is filled with all those lovely vegetables and cheese and it's so creamy and rich .

It's a great meal by itself .

So do try the recipe .

Enjoy and share it with your family and friends .

The second edition of our home cooking book is now available on our website 21 frames dot in .

I'll give you the link in the description .

You can go and check it out .

The book is currently available only in there for now .

So you can place your orders on 21 frames dot In .


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