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2023-07-09 14:08:45

Chicken Pasta _ Penne Chicken Pasta _ Desi Masala Pasta With Indian Style Pasta Sauce _ Get Curried

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Till now , I've shown you a lot of pasta recipes today is also pasta recipe .

But this one is a recipe using Indian masala as a base .

The name uh masala pasta .

How does that sound ?

Let's me the and welcome to get carried .

Let's pick it .

You .

The first thing is to of course , make an onion tomato masala kind of a spice mix and simultaneously .

And I'm also gonna start boiling the pasta .

In this case , I'm gonna use the penne pasta as classic as classic can get .

But before that first things first , I'm gonna roughly cut a red onion onions are cut and ready .

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That's like the flame you can use a , a choice is completely us .

And to this , I'm gonna add in vegetable oil .

In this case a little more because we're making an Indian Masala almost um like a tomato masala or your onion , tomato masala uh in hotels and restaurants .

We call it the otm onion tomato masala .

So this for you , ladies and gentlemen , is onion tomato masala , pasta , interesting .

The oil is heated up .

The first thing that goes in human seeds .

Once these begin to crackle , I'm gonna slide in chopped onions now because we're making onion tomato masala .

I want the onions to turn nice and golden brown in color and kind of accelerate the process .

I'm gonna add in salt .

Eventually .

Do remember that salt has already been added in this recipe .

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Give this a mix and let this turn golden brown .

Yeah .

Once you get this perfectly golden brown in color and trust me , there's a very thin line between getting it perfect and burnt .

The time is correct .

Let me add in paste of ginger garlic and green chilies .

Roughly 30 seconds of stirring .

Ensure that the raw flavor , the ginger and garlic goes away and time to add in fresh tomato pulp , do not get into removing the seeds or the skin or anything like that .

Just cut tomatoes in quarters and run them in a blender .

Allow this masala to cook on medium flame for say like a minute or so .

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And while that's getting cooked , let's quickly start cooking a pasta , of course , lots of water and salt .

The usual drill .

And I always say for every liter of water , one teaspoon of salt .

And in this case , I'm also cooking , say a cup full of penne pasta .

I love the water to get a roll boil and then we'll add in the pasta coming back to the spice mix .

Sure , you keep scraping the sides , no burning in there .

Time to add in the dry spices big with turmeric powder followed by red chili powder last but not the least masala stir this well , cook this for say 30 40 seconds on medium flame and ensure that the raw flavor of the dry spices also goes away once that's done at this point in time .

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Just because I want to prove a point .

Of course , the flame , the point that I'm trying to make here is your onion tomato masala or OTM is done and ready time to cool this down completely .

And if you want , you can refrigerate this , this will stay wonderfully well for 2 to 3 months in the freezer and say 30 days in the refrigerator .

Whenever you want to make something like this , you don't have to start from just take a couple of spoons from this and then begin the process .

He remember this .

Yeah , for now on goes the flame again , time to add in pieces of chicken .

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This is boneless chicken breast , cut into batons , time to also add in some Kasuri me or dried fere leaves , mix this well and cook this for five minutes and ensure the chicken is perfectly cooked , succulent juicy and tender while the chicken is getting cooked , the water's rolling right here and screaming for tension in goes the penne pasta , a penne pasta is perfectly cooked time to transfer this into the chicken masala .

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Now with the pasta , I'm also adding in a ladle full of the starchy liquid or pasta water as we call this so that the sauce becomes nice and clingy .

Let's start this one and only if you're missing that creamy and cheesy element .

Do you add in cream and cheese as simple as that you wanna add in your processed cheese ?

Parmesan cheese choices completely ?

Yours ?

I for sure am missing some cream in this recipe .

So a couple of tablespoons cooking cream and because we are making that quintessential Indian masala pasta and with this , your masala pasta is done and ready .

Now , how do you eat this ?

Take a fork , take a spoon and start digging in .

You don't need any garlic bread or anything like that .

Trust me .

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When I say this with this , there's a bomb signing off .

Stay tuned for more such exciting recipes .

Bye for now .


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