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2023-07-09 14:06:52

The earthy Mushroom Pasta Recipe that makes MISO HUNGRY!

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On today's menu , an impressive recipe that will make you a pretty fun guy , velvety miso mushroom noodles that we're going in Cantonese .

I'm Will Young from young man cooking dot com .

Welcome to the channel where you can cook with confidence .

This recipe is incredibly easy to make really delicious .

Definitely the noodle recipe you'll want to make every single week .

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Using the link in the description box below , bring a pot of water to boil for the noodles , blender half cup cashews , one generous tablespoon miso paste .

Miso paste is so incredibly fragrance .

They should almost put it in a perfume bottle .

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Pinch of salt onion powder , quarter teaspoon , garlic powder , pepper to taste half teaspoon , toasted sesame oil , half cup water , cook the noodles to package instructions .

About 100 and 70 g will be good for one gene portion .

Stir the pasta occasionally to keep them from sticking , slice about 100 and 50 g of Chiaki mushrooms .

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You know when you're at the restaurant and you order a mushroom pasta and when it comes to , there's just little specks of mushrooms because when you cook the mushrooms , they shrink quite a bit .

So even though you use quite a lot of mushrooms , it may actually look like there's not a lot in the final product .

So I always like to use even more mushrooms .

Look at all of these incredible mushrooms .

This is going to be delicious when the pasta is done .

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Take half a cup of pasta water straight out the pastor and set aside , pour the pasta water into the blender , bleed on high until liquefied .

Just gonna set the sauce aside for now .

But man , look how creamy this is .

Set the cream sauce aside .

Frying pan , medium heat , one tablespoon of white sesame seeds , toast the seeds for about a minute .

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Set the seats aside and place the pan back on medium heat .

Mushrooms , cook the mushrooms in the dry pan for about 4 to 5 minutes .

Drizzle of olive oil .

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So for a couple of minutes , noodles , cream sauce cook for another 1 to 2 minutes .

If the cream gets too thick , add a little bit of water to thin it out .

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Add the sesame seeds and mix plate , fresh cracked pepper grade over some dry Chiaki mushroom to give it an extra lift of umami .

You can now make this creamy miso mushroom noodles with absolute confidence .

You can already tell that it's not just little specks of mushrooms in there because we added so many like that .

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That is so creamy , so rich and absolutely delicious .

That creamy sauce really grabs on to those delicious al dente noodles , the fresh tacky mushrooms because we dry saute them .

It gives it kind of a nutty flavor as well as this really beautiful kind of umami , which compliments and goes really well with that delicious creamy luscious cashew miso sauce .

And that miso paste is kind of like that hidden secret re that brings everything all together .

It has that mummy , the little saltiness .

And even though you don't really see the miso , you can definitely smell that beautiful aroma and the fragrance that comes from it , the Chiaki mushrooms just gives it that really nice texture and chewiness .

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And you further flavor the sauce with the toasted sesame oil , which adds that delightful aroma as well as from those toasted sesame seeds .

You get a little bit of heat from the fresh cracked pepper and of course , the punch of flavor from the garlic powder onion powder , the starch and the pasta water that we use to make the sauce also further thickens that creaminess that comes from the Cashews and boy is that ever rich and creamy .

It's dishes like this that gets me so excited about making food at home because it is packed with delicious flavors , mommy , delightful textures and extremely easy to put together and those shavings from the dry Chiaki mushrooms just add even more flavor and umami .

Absolutely love it .

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Definitely check out that link for bright sellers in the description box below .

And of course , as always remember to subscribe , hit the notification bell .

So you won't miss a single episode .


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