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2023-07-08 09:15:34

AIR FRYER STEAK HOW TO! _ Air Fryer Recipes!

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Hey , what's going on ?

Fam Kurt ?

With cue .

So I've been getting a lot of questions about using your air fryer to make a steak today .

We're gonna do a New York strip in our air fryer .

Come with me .

Let's go .

So here we have our ingredients for the New York strip .

Air fried steak .

We have a New York strip from Felton , Angus beef .

We have some big and bowl beef rub , which I've covered all sides of the steak , including the fat side .

We have our air fryer and we have two packs of butter .

The first thing we want to do is preheat our air fryer for five minutes .

So we're gonna spray this stone .

So we don't have any sticking issues .

Preheat the air fryer at 400 degrees and we're gonna go 20 minutes .

The first five minutes being preheat mode .

Ok ?

We preheated for five minutes .

Let's go ahead and open it up nice and preheated .

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We're gonna take our New York strip that has been seasoned with big bowl beef on all sides and put it in and we're gonna go another five minutes on this first side .

So here we are .

At the first five minute mark .

Let's go ahead and pull out our New York strip .

That's the first time , flip it over .

Let's get to the other side another five minutes .

All right .

Here we are at five minutes on this side .

Now , even though we're doing it in an air fryer , you can see this is really looking good and starting to come together , we're gonna go ahead and still temp this out because I want mine at a medium rare , which is probably about 1 25 to 1 30 .

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All right , the next step is turning this fat side up or down , excuse me , fat side down for another five and that'll finish our cook .

All right , here we are beautiful .

This is the end of the cook cycle .

We're gonna go ahead and put this on the tray because we have to let it rest .

We have our two packs of butter right here .

We're gonna go ahead and put them over the top of our New York strip and then we're gonna tent it to let this meat rest .

Put that butter back up here .

We're gonna go ahead and tent it , let that meat rest and we'll be back for the final slicing .

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So after letting this New York strip rest for about 5 to 6 minutes , I sliced it up and there you have it nice , medium rare , super juicy and we still have a crust on the outside .

So go ahead and try it .

Tell me what you think .

Curt with cur cube .

Oh .


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