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2023-07-09 14:20:14

How to Cook Rice on Stove 냄비밥하기

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Hi guys , I'm guest .

Welcome to Asian at and today I'm going to show you how to make the perfect rice at home .

I know there's a better quality rice out there , but rice is actually the easiest one you can find in regular grocery store in us .

So I'm using it today and then also I use it very often this rice because the price is very reasonable and the rice tastes actually decent too .

So the first thing we need to do is wash the rice and I have 1.5 cup of this Niki rice right here .

I'm just going to add into the pot that I'm going to cook the rice in and make sure the pot you are using to cook rice has a thick bottom and has a lead .

So all the heat goes in into the rice .

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So they will cook really nicely .

Alright .

We are going to wash our rice first in cold water with your rice with enough cold water and drain some of them .

And we are going to gently rubbing them all together with your hands .

You can either your fingers or your palm .

It really doesn't matter , you can do it any way , just keep rubbing them and you will see this milky water inside and we are going to rinse it off all the milky water and drain repeat this process about 4 to 5 times or your water is no longer cloudy or milky anymore .

At the last rinse , drain the water as much as possible .

And in this clean rice , we are going to fill two cups of water .

So 1.5 cups of rice and two cups of water .

Honestly , when I'm making rice , I never measure the water and rice , but I'm showing you this way .

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So you will never fail making rice the perfect right here .

Now we are going to cover and bring the boil over high heat .

And as soon as they start to boil , reduce the heat to medium low and start with a spoon cover and simmer for 10 to 12 minutes and remove from heat .

Let it rest for 10 minutes with cover on and do not open the lid right now .

So all the steam in the pot can go into the rice and the rice will finish cooking and it's going to be the perfect cook .

The rice seems like my rice is bottom to top just miss evening .

So now this bowl of rice will go with everything like everything you can think of .

You know what ?

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Since I made some rice , I'm just gonna try .

If you like white rice .

Give me a thumbs up .

I know you do and subscribe to my channel for more inspiration to an idea of Asian home cooking .

Thank you so much for watching me today and remember you can always cook Asian food at your house , making it easy and fun .

I'm guest and this is Asian at home and I will see you next time .

Bye .


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