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2023-07-11 07:08:26

Quick & Easy Bread Pops _ Perfect Party Dessert Recipe _ How to Make Bread Pops ~The Terrace Kitchen

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Hi , everyone .

I'm Piana .

And you're welcome to my channel in the kitchen .

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Let's get started .

First , we're going to grind some bread for that .

I've taken seven slices of brown bread to this mixture .

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I'm going to add two tablespoons of melted butter and using salted butter .

Here , give this a mix with light hand .

Now , here I have some chocolate garage which I've prepared by mixing and heating 50 g of chocolate and 50 g of am's normal fresh cream .

You need to mix and make a garage out of it on a double boiler .

But if you do not want to use the chocolate garage , you can use Hershey's or any other brands , chocolate syrup or any other ready chocolate spread .

So it's up to you if you want to use Chocolate Garage or chocolate spread the chocolate spread I'm showing you right now is from Hershey's brand , but you can use nutella as well or like I mentioned any other brands , chocolate syrup too .

So here I'm adding two tablespoon of this age .

Give this a good mix .

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We need to make a T do out of this like we have for normal cake pops and then add 2 to 3 tablespoons .

Sorry , teaspoon of powdered sugar .

You can taste the mixture and add just the sugar if you want to .

So this chocolate bread dough is ready .

Take a small portion out of it and eat it .

You can taste it .

Basically , I wanted to tell you that .

Take a small portion , roll it in your hands and see if you are able to make balls out of it .

Now roll out balls out of this mixture .

This recipe will give you 12 such bread pops .

Now we're going to melt 100 g dark chocolate with which we are going to coat our bread pops .

So melt this chocolate on a double boiler .

This is now ready here .

I've got some lollipop sticks or straws .

If you do not have these , you can use Q as well .

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Dip one end of this lollipop stick into chocolate and pierce this in each bread pop like this .

So I'm going to pierce it , put it in , bring it back and again , spread the chocolate so that this chocolate helps bind this stick into this bread pop .

Now , similarly , you need to do it for all the bread pops .

Keep this in your refrigerator for around 10 to 15 minutes and that would help this set better and then we'll coat these with chocolate .

This is styrofoam .

I have secured three layers of styrofoam using cello tape .

If you do not have this , you can use thermo as well or you can use a regular glass in which you can keep the bread pops after you coat them with chocolate .

So take each bread for one by one and coat them well , with the chocolate shake off the excess chocolate and put sprinkles of your choice .

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And then after that , put it in the styrofoam or thermal or if you're using a glass , put it inside and let it cool or let it set .

You need to repeat this step for all the bed pops .

I'm going to show you only six at this moment , you can repeat the same for the rest of the six or if you make bigger or smaller size of cake pops , the number of cake pops could be less or more for you .

Try this easy peasy recipe for your home .

It's a perfect party recipe .

Your kids will love it .

Everyone will love it .

Do give this a try and enjoy .


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