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2023-07-11 07:03:29

Chess but my king is in jail...

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What's up guys ?

I'm gonna be playing against Martin in a game of jail break .

This is a chess variant that I made up on my own and the way it works is this is my king .

This is the jail .

It's a small jail .

Maybe it's like a county jail or something , but I need to escape and get my king to the first rank without getting checkmated .

And I have to do it in 50 moves or less .

If I am able to do that , I win .

If Martin checkmates me or prevents me for longer than 50 moves .

Martin wins .

And after we try the county jail , uh if it's too easy , I will jump over to the high security prison here and do the same thing .

Try to get down here .

So I've never done this before .

I have no idea what's gonna happen or how this is gonna work , but let's give it a try .

So I think I am going to go here .

Ok .

So he's not letting me out yet .

So let's actually go back and maybe take this one .

Ok .

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He's still not letting me escape .

I don't know if I want to take these pawns because then I'm , I might get checkmated , so I'm kind of not wanting to take them .

Is he just gonna leave the rook there the whole time ?

Come on , dude .

Ok , let's , let's actually go for it .

Ok .

Ok , Martin .

He has meeting in six .

Come on , dude .

This is proving more difficult than I expected .

Meeting seven .

Meeting 50 , all right .

That's some progress .

Oh , Martin , thank you .

Thank you .

Come on , he's gonna go back and forth .

Let's , let's go this way .

No .

Ok .

Ok .

Meeting five .

Oh , that my friends is a victory .

22 moves .

We escaped the prison and successfully made it to the first rank .

Good game Martin .

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But that was too easy .

Let's jump over to now the high security prison and try this again .

So I'm gonna practice and I'm gonna change the bots to be Martin and here we go .

All right .

Let's , I mean , I only have two moves so I guess I'll just uh take this one .

Ok .

I could take this .

That seems risky , but let's do it .

Well , mate in three now .

Oh my .

All right .

Let's go back here ma and four .

Let's go over here .

I'm , I'm a little bit scared .

Let's see .

I can't take that .

I can take this one .

I could take this one and four .

Those bishops are a problem .

All right , let's try to sneak around over here .

Should we take ?

This guy is main four .

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He stalemated me .

He , I don't know what happens in a stalemate .

Do I win in a stalemate ?

I guess it's just a draw .

Ok , Martin , you gotta watch out for stalemate .

That kind of ruins the video .

All right .

Let's try again .

Let's try that again .

And hopefully Martin will be more careful this time .

I'm gonna go this way .

I'm gonna leave maybe that pond .

We'll see if I can come this direction .

You can't stalemate me .

The problem is these bishops .

I can't take anything .

There's like no way .

How in the world am I gonna get out of this ?

Let's take this .

I'm totally stuck .

I'm totally stuck unless he moves the bishops away , which he's not doing because he's , I don't know what he's doing .

He is maten three .

He's pushing the pawn there .

He moved it , but I still can't take anything .

14 moves .

Ok .

Here we go .

I can take a pawn .

I could take another pawn .

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He baited me .

He baited me for that one .

Ok .

This is proving challenging .

I have an idea to make it a little bit more fair .

All right , the white pieces are sending in a tactical team consisting of two nights .

Let's try it again .

Practice verse computer .

Let's switch it , Martin .

All right .

So same , same thing .

King has to get down here .

But I have these guys to assist me in my journey and I'm gonna start by moving this one here .

Ok ?

And this one .

Let's try .

Let's see if we can get rid of some of these bishops .

I think that's really gonna help me .

We'll take that one .

All right , he's not gonna take it .

Let's , uh , let's see .

Hm .

Let's go back now .

Let's all right .

We'll take this if he's not gonna take it .

I mean , the , this .

Ok .

All right .

Well , it was good .

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Well , we did get rid of the White Squared bishop , which is nice .

I can start taking some things here .

I feel like he's gonna take my night .

If I try to move it , maybe I'll just leave it .

Ok ?

He's defending that .

Oh , let's go for it .

Main five .

Let's go see if I can take his rook .

He fell for it .

All right .

Let's take , should I take that ?

Yeah , we'll take that .

All right .

Let's make a break for it I think now is the moment we're gonna go , we're gonna go , we're gonna go .

Uh oh , can't , can't go up .

Ok .

How do we do this ?

Maybe we need to use this guy to help .

Let's see .

Let's see .

Let's see .

Maybe I can come here and , oh , I didn't see that .

I got forked by Martin .

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He didn't take it and all right now we can come this way .

We're at 20 moves .

We have 30 moves .

Oh , the rook .

I keep forgetting about the rook .

All right .

We got , let's see .

Is he gonna see that ?

He might see that , but it's a chance we got to take .

All right , we can get rid of one of these guys .

Ok .

Here we go .

Let's take this .

I mean , I might be able to just sneak by like this if he doesn't take my night .

It takes my night .

I'm in trouble .

He didn't take it .

Still can't get out though .

Oh , boy .

Uh , how can I do this ?

Maybe we can attack the bishop , get him to move the bishop .

He might fork me or just take it .

Yep .

That's also an option .

Come on , Martin .

All right .

Let's go back here .

I think we failed .

Yep , man .

All right .

All right .

This is challenging , you know what this means ?

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We need a larger tactical team .

Let's do it again .

Except this time we're bringing in the bishops .

All right .

Here we go .

Practice , change the bot .

Come on , Martin .

And er , all right .

So troops have landed .

Let's go take this guy .

Let's take this guy .

Let's see if we can take some more of these bishops .

Perfect .

Ok .

He is taking them .

All right .

We got rid of that .

Let's take this with check , take this , see if I can snag a rook here .

Perfect .

He did see that and now we can sort of grab some of these ponds .

Yeah , let's , let's go ahead and actually just take some pawns while we're here .

Ok .

Let's come over here .

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Uh He's defending that , but I have my knight .

Very good .

Very good .

Thank you very much .

We're at move 19 and things are looking very well .

Uh Things are going very well .

I should say .

Um , I'm gonna go for it .

I'm gonna go for it right here .

I , I think I see it .

Yep .

Yep .

Yeah .

Oh , yes .

We have escaped .

It only took four extra pieces , but we did it all right .

Final challenge , same rules .

But we have this position where I have given Martin two light squared bishops , which is plenty to check .

Mate .

My king if he knows how to use them .

Let's see .

Ok , I'm gonna keep going .

I'm gonna keep going .

Uh He did stop me .

Let's go back .

Let's go here .

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No , we don't want to draw uh oh mean two main three .

Ok .

Let's try it again .

Oh , ok .

Ok .

He does see .

Check me in one .

I should have avoided that .

Let's try that one more time .

Let's go this way .

Let's go this way .

Oh , let's go here and here .

Can't get through unless he moves one of those bishops .

She's not doing , he moved that one but it's not where I needed it to be a boy .

Come on , Martin .

Hm .

I can't go there .

Hm .

Yeah , I'm not able to get through .

He's not , he's not moving them .

Come on , dude .

Just , just , just there you go .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

No , I still can't .

Yeah .

Ok .

21 moves and we're not making any progress .

Let's go to the corner and see what he does .

Oh , he's gonna have checkmate .

If I go there , I can't go .

There he is meeting two .

He moves that one there .

He's not gonna do it .

Is he ?

Oh , he did ?

He moved it finally .

Here we go .

Here we go .

Here we go .

Let's see .

He has to move this one .

Now .

Come on , come on , Martin .

We're at move 32 .

He's not moving .

It .

Is he ?

If I go here , am I getting checkmated ?

No , I can't , I can't get through .

I just , I can't do it .

Draw by repetition .

Ok .

Well , that one's much more difficult because he's just not moving the bishops .

But hope you guys enjoyed that .

Let me know if you have any ideas for future Martin videos and as always , stay sharp , play smart , take care .


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