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Seared Steak with Pan Sauce - You Suck at Cooking (episode 132)

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Cooking .

Yeah , you totally suck .

Today we're making pan seared steak , also known as beef toast , which is one of the best ways to cook a steak .

Sure , you can use controlled fire if you want to use 2 million year old technology .

But today we're going to use 100 and 29 year old technology for a fresh modern taste .

I've got a rib eye here which I'm removing from the fridge 20 minutes in advance .

So the center comes up to room temperature .

Bam .

That's a big gas myth as it takes over two hours for a thick steak to get up to room temperature .

And some people who've tested it say it doesn't make a noticeable difference .

So if you don't do it , don't worry about it .

Cover it with very small rocks at least 40 minutes in advance for reasons .

But if you don't have time for that , just salt it right before it hits the pan .

Here's an acronym to help you remember salt spread at least 40 minutes in advance .

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Most guides say use kosher salt , but I'm using sea salt to combine the flavors of seafood and , and food for a good sear without over cooking it , your steak should be at least 1.5 inches thick or around three times as thick as your , you know , one big advantage of pan frying over grilling is you never have to experience the outside world .

You can just stay inside forever forever .

For another great thing about pan frying is you don't have to deal with Bob next door saying , you know , you should only flip it once to seal in the moisture .

Whatever Bob you have mustard on your shirt , wick away any excess moisture with a thin slice of tree .

Now we'll just give our stove element a scrape .

Oh , wait , we don't have to do that because this isn't a dirty barbecue .

Depends on medium high throwing in some oil .

Make sure you use one with a high smoke point such as one of these and be mindful to avoid any of these because their smoke point isn't high enough .

Once that oil is just about smoking layers stake in away from you .

So if you drop it , the oil won't splash on you .

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Here's an acronym to help you remember away , always lay away from you .

Remember that steak is notoriously clingy .

You'll have to give it time to let go of the pan .

But after a minute or so you can flip and remember the best way to sear a steak is to only flip it once I am .

That's a big ass myth .

The more you flip the more even it cooks because you're keeping that heat going on both sides .

And remember crust is flavor .

I'm not talking about this crust and I'm also not talking about your crusty attitude , which I really don't need in the kitchen right now .

Get out .

No , no , not you , you're good .

I'm talking about this crust .

A Ka A one way ticket to Flavor Village Basting also helps keep the heat on both sides .

Throwing in some butter to add the flavor of butter and the oil will raise the smoke point of that butter .

So it won't burn bam .

Not true .

If the oil is hotter than the butter smoke point , it's the oil burning the butter instead of the pan .

So get that butter in a couple of minutes before it's done .

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I threw in some rosemary to add the flavor of rosemary and also a serving of vegetables a little more basting action for flavor dispersion .

And this is an excellent time to forget to grind on some pepper , pepper , pepper .

Now drive a steak into the steak just in case you accidentally cooked vampire meat and it's best to stab it with a steak that tells you the temperature .

If you're not cooking a steak that has a built in thermometer and here's a handy scale .

So you know what name to call the temperature you like , you'll have to cook it to 145 F .

In order for it to be USDA approved .

But keep in mind that nothing can replace the approval that comes from yourself .

Get it out of the pan 10 degrees lower than you want it .

Because whoa , that looks like a turtle missing a back leg .

Anyway , just like a turtle .

When you sneak up and scare it , the steak will rise around 10 degrees more .

After you take it out , we'll rest the steak for around 10 minutes to make it extra juicy for other reasons .

And yes , you can poke it with a fork .

It's not gonna cause the steak to leak .

Whoa .

Once that's done , you can cut it open .

This is a medium rare , virgin and rare .

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But if you want it more done , you can just desaturate this and perfect .

Now for a quick pan sauce first called pan sauce because after you eat it , you're going to need a nap .

Once your pan is cooled down , call in a shrub removal service , put it on low heat , then throw in a half cup of broth .

A teaspoon of balsamic vinegar .

Some more butter if you want and some freeze dried chives , then wash the dishes while cooking until you have this ridiculous gravy .

Pour it on your steak or dip it or drink it with a straw and try not to get addicted .

Now it's time to get out your all purpose cleaner because we're going to have splatter everywhere .

I'm not just here to show you only the sexiest parts of cooking .

This video is sponsored by in their amazing stainless steel pan , which I've used to cook steak , sauted onions , made tomato sauce , chicken and even eggs .

You hear that ?

That's the sound of stainless steel combined with aluminum to optimize heat retention and conductivity nerds .

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They've also designed this to have 19% more cooking area than other premium brands , which is great if you need to cook 19% more of anything heat it in the oven up to 500 degrees , throw it in the dishwasher , throw it on the couch , drag it on the floor , pet your dog with it .

It's actually virtually indestructible and will probably outlive you long story short .

These pans are tough .

You want again and pan , they use the same materials as the competition , but it sells for less than half the price which you might like if you think money is cool .

Also , if you hate cooking , you can just get it to enjoy the trippy reflections .

Who go to the link in my description and use promo code Y A for 20% off your first order again .

Go to the link in my description and use promo code Y A for 20% off your first order .


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