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2023-07-11 06:59:16

How to Play Bulerias Compas _ Flamenco Guitar

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Hi , I'm Dan Garcia .

And today we're gonna learn how to play .

OK ?

Is a Palo flamenco style of flamenco .

It's actually really popular and very sought out because it's very challenging more than anything .

OK ?

It's fast .

The meter is complicated .

So if you can play , you can be accepted in any kind of flamenco circle .

So it's a good style to learn , but it is a bit challenging , but I'm gonna try to explain it in a way that you're gonna catch it very quick .

So it's played pretty fast but it follows the same uh 12 , no cycle .

So does a couple of differences though .

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OK .

The accents are in the same places .

OK .

So , so that is we were doing 123456789 10 12123 .

OK .

I also notice that I'm counting beats 11 12 as one and two just because it's too long to say the syllables .

So 12 , it's 11 12 just so you know , now we were counted much faster .

So 123456789 10 , 12123456781 OK .

So on and so on .

So that's how you count .

OK .

And there are many theories on how to count it .

What's the best way ?

What's the right way ?

OK .

I think what gets confusing about playing and trying to follow when you're listening to them and when you're learning them is where exactly is beat one .

OK .

And so we count 1 to 3 and that one is actually beat one .

That's actually where you start playing .

That's where the usually begin .

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But in , it's not , and I think that's what gets a lot of people confused .

Our beat one in is really beat 12 .

OK .

That's our , what we feel is beat one and our music , that's where the start , that's where the singer starts .

That's where everything starts .

The only thing is , is , is B 12 , but that's where everything begins .

So let's try to put the together in a very basic way .

OK ?

We're gonna start by just playing , are a core position on B 12 .

OK ?

We're gonna go all through the cycle and we're gonna start adding elements that you're gonna build into the cycle .

So we kind of get something similar to sound and then all you have to do is embellish it and you're good to go .

So let's start .

So again , the count is instead of counting , instead of starting the count on 123 , I'm gonna start it on the 11 12 .

OK ?

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And that's how it's usually counted .

Ok , remember 11 12 .

I'm gonna count as 12 .

This is how we start .

Content .

12123456789 10 12123456789 10 12 .

Ok , we're gonna go a lot slower at the beginning then we'll speed it up .

So remember 12 B is a real one .

So we're gonna strum A cord on B 12 .

So 12123456789 10 .

1 23456789 10 .

12 .

OK .

So I encourage you to do that for a while until you get comfortable just coming in those beats .

OK ?

The next element we're gonna add is the closing of the cycle which is on B 10 .

OK .

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So on B 10 , I'm gonna do it followed by a mute and every time A B 10 we're gonna close the cycle and it's gonna sound like this .

1212345678921 3456789 10 .

OK .

So on B 10 we do pop and we mute the guitar .

OK ?

One more time .

12123456789 10 1 3456789 .

OK .

So again , I encourage you to do this for a good while until it feels natural to you .

OK ?

The next big point .

In is beat three , beat three is where the harmony changes to the fridge mode .

OK .

So we are B one which is B 12 .

We go 12123 .

This is where we go to the B FLAT core .

OK ?

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On three .

So let's include that in our cycle .

1212 56789 10 1 456789 10 1 456789 10 .

Ok .

Notice also that on B 10 when we close I go back to the tonic core .

OK ?

To a position .

Ok , so now we gotta have a couple of good spots on the cycle .

Let's keep adding elements .

I'm gonna add a on action six and eight .

OK .

Just a regular then we'll spice it up .

Ok ?

So again , one 123456789 10 .

1212 456789 10 .

Ok .

So you do that for a while until it feels natural .

Now , besides the gold after the , I'm gonna add a couple indexes up .

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I'm gonna go with this rhythm .

Ok .

It's like a 16 note .

Yeah , that's gonna come after my gope on beat six and beat eight .

Let's go for it .

1212 456 by one 12 .

Bye .

Ok .

So the next step would be to actually play beat six and eight with the 1212 .

Yeah , and then 1212 six 21 .

Ok .

Mhm .

At this point basically you're playing a ok .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

That's , those are the basic elements of everything else is just adding little embellishments and just grooving with it .

So 1212 course 789 sick .

So have fun playing .


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