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2023-07-11 07:17:09

Discover How to make the Best Ghanaian BUTTER BREAD I Easy Step by Step Guide to most loved bread

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Hello there , friends .

So welcome again to Nana's kitchen .

And if you have joined us for the first time today , a very warm welcome to you as well on the menu today is another Ghanian baked goodie butter bread .

I am going to take my time and walk you step by step in the preparation of this goodie .

So let's get our hands washed in the Again , friends .

The first thing we need to do is to finish sifting our flour here .

This is all purpose flour , which is the same as plain flour and I have a total of uh six level cups of flour .

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Now , we want to combine all of our dry ingredients .

So our flour is nicely sifted here .

I have salt and this is a teaspoon full of salt and here is a quarter cup of sugar .

Now , you wanna whisk all of this together to get it well combined and then you wanna set it aside .

And the next thing we're gonna do is begin working on combining all of our ingredients .

So we have a tablespoon and a half of yeast .

We want to check and make sure our yeast is active and will allow our door to rise .

So we're going to add two cups of whole milk in here .

Yeah .

And let's just whisk away .

Now for the yeast to rise , you need a sweet environment .

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So I'm just gonna add a teaspoon full of granulated sugar to it .

And then we're also going to add about a quarter teaspoon of vanilla extract , put that in there .

And then now what we're gonna do is just cover it up so it stays nice and warm .

I'm just gonna set this in my microwave .

I'm not gonna turn it on .

So that that way in about 10 minutes , we should have a nice frostiness on the top indicating that our yeast is active .

Now , we need one egg .

The egg is going to be uh a in this recipe .

So it's going to allow the dough to rice and become really nice and soft .

So we see our yeast is good and ready to go .

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So we're going to pour our yeast mixture in here plus a cup of water , which is also at room temperature including all of the wet ingredients we have used so far , which is very important to allow the yeast to work .

And we're also going to add the egg .

Ok .

Now we're going to add our butter .

This is a stick of butter which comes to about a quarter cup of butter .

Now I'm going to get in with my hands , my hands are clean .

Let's just go ahead and mix away .

We're making bread .

We really want to make sure that the gluten is very well .

And today I decided not to use my mixer because I want to show you that you can make bread without a mixer .

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Now , on our working surface , we want some flour be generous with it because now we're going to need the bread .

Now you need about a quarter cup of flour to need the bread .

So yeah , you pour all the mixture onto the floured surface and then you begin your kneading just as you can see me doing .

Here it is the kneading that's going to really bring the dough together and form that gluten , which is very necessary in this recipe .

Now , kneading requires pressing pulling stretching of the dough to develop that gluten , which should take about 10 to 15 minutes and then you're going to place the the dough into your bowl .

The bowl needs to be greased .

I use butter so that it doesn't stick as it rises .

It takes about an hour for that to happen .

Ok .

Friends .

So here is the baking pan .

We're going to bake our butter bread in .

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It has to have a lid that slides off just like this and it's going to serve as a mold to attain that classic butter bread .

It is online on Amazon dot com and these holes in the bottom is just for ventilation during baking .

So here we go we're going to put some butter in here and then we're going to also add some flour to it .

You need to put some butter on the lid as well .

Now , we need some flour , just make sure it is perfectly coated with the flour as well .

Now , coating um with the butter and the flour ensures that the bread doesn't stick to the pan .

Um when it's done baking that it's able to come out fairly easily .

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Now , 60 minutes later , our dough has doubled in size and we are ready to rene it .

So remove it and add some flour to your surface and deflate the dough and knead it into um the shape that is required and you'll see what I mean as I go .

So it's already been deflated .

It's very nice and soft , easy to work with .

So , yeah , there you go .

Now you're going to flatten the entire dough and you want a long rectangular shape , OK ?

You're going to pull both ends and bring it into sort of the metal and then pull the other sides from the top to the metal and you're going to form a log .

OK ?

So like a log of wood .

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So yeah , once you get close to the other edge , you want to use your thumb to tuck it in and then use the heel of your palm to press down to form a seam and then roll , you want the length of your dough to be as long as the pan is going to bake in and then you lay it in seam side down .

Perfect , just like that .

And then you're going to cover it and then you're going to allow it to rise again in a warm place .

I just place it in my oven and 30 minutes later here you are .

Now , keep in mind that if you live in a warmer climate , it won't take that long to rise again .

It could take less than 30 minutes .

But if it's cold and where you live , it might take longer .

So just monitor it .

We are baking at 325 F for one hour and voila .

This is the outcome .

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Perfect butter bread .

Now , let's see what we did see how easy it was to pull that bread out of the pan .

That's exactly what we're going for .

Exciting , isn't it ?

Yes .

Absolutely adorable .

You have that pale golden color .

That is the classic shape of butter bread and the color is just perfect and it is cooked completely through the knife cuts through it .

Just like butter .

All right .

With no pun intended .

Yes .

This is perfect butter bread and it tastes delicious .

You have to try this recipe .

We are going to make several different recipes out of this bread .

I want you to stay tuned .

Look at that , very soft , very , very chewy .

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Wow .

Try the recipe and please share your experience with me .

I thank you for watching , make it a great day and as always have fun , especially in that kitchen .


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