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2023-07-11 07:16:15

Agege Bread EXPOSED _ Nigerian Food _ Nigerian food recipe

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In this .

I love you .

In this video , I'm gonna be showing you how to make a bread .

So if you really want to eat a bread and you don't want to use pota that will give you cancer and you don't want to eat E DC A bread that will give you give you cancer or migraine or , or stress making you run up , up , up and down in Lagos just running up and down uh Asco acid , put a bit of it in your bread .

You find out your bread is just around the corner .

You don't need to spend money anywhere .

I know the breadmaker in UK .

They will be stoning me .

Now they're gonna be angry that I have actually brought their secret out with , with those technical camps , Scopic Acid .

And that is the time you say is 283 , cash is 282 E two H two and so is E 281 .

You don't need them because they call eczema .

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All these I'm telling you because eczema and migraine you're gonna be scratching , you're gonna have eczema .

Imagine you don't want your skin , you know , take care of your skin .

Your alternative is very simple .

It's called aspic acid .

What is Aspic acid is E 300 ?

Now , the time given to it is E three 100 E 300 is a bread improver .

It's an antioxidant .

It traps the bubble .

You know , when you open your bread , you can find some bubble bubble here , bubble there , the yeast .

But what is as big as it does is it traps all those bubbles , it traps them so it makes them tick and that is exactly what we are gonna be doing today , right ?

Um So we're gonna be strong to make a bread .

We're gonna be using the strong white bread flour .

So we're gonna be using strong white bread flour and I've got 650 g of flour .

So I'm just gonna pour my 650 g of flour there .

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If you need half a teaspoon of salt , half a teaspoon of salt .

Now , I've got 100 and 80 g of sugar here , I'll add it to my .

Then what else do you need ?

You need this asco acid ?

You need half a teaspoon of asorbic acid .

So I'm gonna use half a teaspoon of my asco acid .

Now , make sure it's level .

You have to make sure it's level .

When I say teaspoon or half a teaspoon , make sure you make it level and this is very good .

It's gonna help your bread as a bread improver .

So just add that there .

Mix that together , just make it nicely and set aside .

Now , let's prepare our yeast .

Now , to prepare your yeast , you need 200 ml of water .

So add 200 ml of water .

Now this water um amount remember to deduct it from the total amount of water you need for your bread .

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I'm gonna repeat that the water you are using to make your yeast or to prepare your yeast .

The warm water you are using to prepare your yeast to make sure you deduct that amount of water from the total of water you're gonna use for your bread .

OK ?

For toilet ml of water , what you need is you need eat two teaspoons of sugar .

Now make sure it's level .

So two teaspoons of sugar .

12 and you need two tablespoons of yeast , two tablespoon of .

So one and to what you then do to your warm water is to is to whisk it .

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Now you have to whisk it because basically you want this the sugar um to dissolve with the yeast and you can just set this aside for 15 minutes and after 15 minutes , what you want to see is you want to see that um there's fruit on it and the fruit should be up to like two centimeter thick matter .

The pan .

You are using either the opening without a lid or the one with a lid which is there is you have to oil it and the oil apps um , make sure that , um , the , the , the bread does not stick to the plan .

So I'm just gonna prepare , I'm not gonna be using this , but I'm gonna be using that because I want that square shaped , that's it .

So what I'm going to do , just make sure you let the gran out oil or vegetable oil or any oil you wanna use that is suitable to your health .

Make sure you rub it .

You can even use butter if you want .

Yeah , that's correct .

You can use butter .

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Just make sure you rub the pan and you rub it nicely .

Remember our yeast what we put there .

This is what we want .

It's easy now .

So what we quickly have to do it .

I have to quickly whisk this again .

That is the yeasts that we just prepared .

Beautiful .

This is what I want and I'm gonna pour it into the flour .

So at this point quickly , what we're going to do is to pour the yeast into the , the froth and just pour it into the bread flour .

So I'm gonna mix these together .

So you can see I'm gonna mix this together and also add 300 ml of water .

Bye .

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341.22 --> 411.14

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Now , as you can see , it's getting a bit .

Uh so I mean , don't be , don't be scared to add more flour to this because um what I'm going to do , I'm just gonna , because I need to need it .

So I'm gonna need for another 10 minutes .

Um After mixing now the question then is how many grams of flour have I used in mixing this dough ?

As you can see , we want this stretchy dough and that's what we want .

So I've used 900 g of flour .

So if you find it very comfortable for you , you might want to start with 900 g of flour rather than using 6 50 .

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But because when mixing the dough , you have to kind of um understand b that you need more flour because it's gonna be very sticky when you mix with water and things like that .

So in the process of you mixing the flour , you would have to add , mixing the mixture , you have to add some flour .

So in this case , my , the total amount of flour I've used , it's around 900 g altogether .

But as I say , what is most important is you getting the right measurement and right texture .

So as you can see , I'm needing maybe they don't know .

So if you stretch , you bring it back in there now because you can put some coil in your hands .

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Let me see and wrap it around the flower .

What then does is it gives you that easy wheels can't see we are rolling and just do the job , you know , just make sure that it's fancy .

So if you don't really have the energy to do that , just get your roller pin out and do this for 15 minutes , you a good bread .

We'll be ready soon .

We'll see .

So you can also do that anyway .

Thanks for watching and I'll see you shortly after 15 minutes .

Right .

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I'm gonna tell you what I'm gonna do next .

What I'm going to do is to rub for some oil in my thin hair , make sure the is covering it and I'm going to actually proof this , which means that I'm gonna put my bread , my mixture or my , my bread buffer there and um just allowed that to rise .

Ok ?

So I'm just gonna put this here and allow the bird to rise .

Now , it's very important that when you do that , you also oil on the bread , which is vegetable oil , sunflower oil you wanna use .

But what you want is you don't want it to be too dry when you like it .

So you can just do just do that .

That'd be great .

I'll cover that um , and put it in a very warm place .

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Yeah , so I'm just gonna cover it with my kitchen towel there .

I'm also gonna use another one and um yeah , I'll see you in two hours time until it doubles in size .

Thank you so much for watching .

See you shortly , right ?

Guys .

It's one hour now .

So what we're just gonna do we're gonna look at the dough and see what , um , what size , what's , what's come out of it now .

So , let's see how it's rising .

Wow .

As you can see , it's actually doubled in size and that is exactly what we want .

So , what we have to do is to deflect it .

So you can see .

So I'm just gonna bring that out and you need it again for another five minutes .

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Cool .

So , lift that .

You see if you lift that , you can just put it in your pan .

There we go .

So what we can not do ?

Yes , I'm gonna lift this to to rice for another one hour , right ?

I'll show you what we've got here .

Thank you guys for watching .

Um As you can see the bread is risen now .

So what I'm just going to do is I'm going to cover it and put it in the oven .

So you have to set up the oven um to let me just show you instead of the oven to 100 and 80 degrees Celsius .

And um you put it there for like pree oven at 100 and 80 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes .

Then we we're gonna put a a gig of bread and um yeah , I'm looking forward to show you the results shortly .

Thanks for watching .

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Check .

Now it's been in the oven for um 30 minutes um at 180 degrees Celsius .

So I'm just gonna check and just probably just turn that off and just bring this out and show you what the aga bread looks like , right ?

It's quite difficult at this point .

So I think what we have to do .

Wow , that is what we are talking about .

It's , it's quite heavy though out there .

That is your aggregate bread .

Um Thank you so much for watching and I hope to see you in my next video .

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I love your , thank you so much .

I know you must have enjoyed watching my bread and I'm going to show you the result .

I've shown you the result but I'm going to show you live and direct .

I'm gonna cut it .

I'm gonna tear the bread and you're gonna see with your eyes the bread four corner too thick and strong three sweets .

So sugar add sugar if you like more sugar .

If you like sugar , I don't like sugar , you know , work with sugar for yourself .

OK .

Right .

And the last but not the least the inside is fluffy .

See fluffy .

I'm gonna show you right .

This is the result of my bread .

So what I'm going to do ?

Oh I just made that .

We saw the video so I'm just gonna tear the bread so you can see what I'm in the video .

So thank you for watching my video .

I'll see you for the next time .


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