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2023-07-08 09:22:37

How to make THE BEST STEAK in your AIR FRYER!

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Hello , everyone and welcome to another episode of Don't Keep Up with the Joneses .

It's your girl Crystal and we in the kitchen because it's time for cooking with Crystal today .

I'm going to be making a steak in my air fryer and y'all .

I'm so excited about this .

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Ok ?

You guys .

So as you can see here , I'm just adding some pepper to my steak .

I'm gonna be keeping this real simple .

I'm gonna do salt and I'm going to do pepper .

I really want to allow the natural flavors that's in this steak , this beautiful piece of red meat that I have to come through .

I'm having some technical difficulties with my salt shaker .

Alright .

It's working now .

But yeah , so I'm just gonna be adding salt and pepper and then on the end when I'm done cooking my steak , I am gonna be adding a garlic herb butter .

So that's gonna be good .

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But yeah , so just make sure you generously add your salt and pepper to both sides of your steak .

And then after that , I'm going to set my air fryer , I'm putting my air fryer on the highest temperature .

Mine goes up to 410 degrees .

So , whatever the highest temperature is on your air fryer , you want to do that , 400 or 10 , whatever that is .

And I'm gonna set it for 10 minutes , even though I'm only going to be cooking my steak for about eight minutes .

And that's because I'm gonna let it , um , preheat .

So I did 11 minutes and I'm gonna let it preheat .

Now , back to my steak , I'm gonna mush in the little salt and pepper that I put on there .

And another thing you wanna do that I did is I set my steak out and let it get to room temperature .

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So you wanna let your steak get to room temperature before you actually cook it .

Now it's time to go into the air fryer .

You guys , you hear that sizzle .

I love it .

If you want to spray your little grate or whatever with some pam , you can , I did not , I didn't spray it with anything and that was not an issue for me what you're gonna see when I flip this steak over halfway through .

I am going to flip the steak .

We are halfway .

So it's time to flip the steak all that .

So just a little quick lip action and it's cooking on both sides .

But I don't know , I just feel like for even cooking the way that my air fryer is set up .

I don't know , I wanted to flip it .

I felt like I should flip it , treating it like it's on a real grill or something like that .

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Um , so I flipped it and I turned it a little but then just close your air fryer and let it get back to cooking and my little 8.5 minutes are up .

Now , the next thing that I'm gonna do is I'm actually going to sear my steak .

So I have some of that garlic herb butter in this pan and I just brought my steak right down on there .

I'm gonna sear each side for about 15 to 20 seconds .

Um , I didn't want to really cook the steak up more degrees .

I just wanted to get that sear on it because I like a nice beer .

So that's what I'm doing sting both sides .

Maybe I let it fear for like 25 seconds or use that .

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But , oh , look at how beautiful you got .

Uh , it's looking really good but the true test is when I cut it open and see how it is .

I like my steak a nice medium to me to mid rare .

OK .

You guys here is the moment of truth .

Let me cut it open .

It's looking , yes , you guys look at this .

It's perfect .

It's perfect .

You guys that steak turned out really well .

Um , I love to have my steak cooked a nice medium to mid rare .

It wasn't overcooked at all .

So that time it was perfect for me .

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If you're trying to have your steak cooked like , you know , more done , like done or well done or something like that , I would say for every degree that you want your steak to be cooked more , add an extra minute to a minute and a half in the air fryer .

But honestly , it came out juicy .

It came out good .

Oh , I love it again .

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Get down with the , get down one time .

Team Jones .

Thank you again so much for watching .

Thank you for subscribing .

It really means a lot to me that y'all watch these cooking videos y'all .

All right .

Until next time .

Peace .


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