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2023-07-08 09:20:25

Will this Steak Experiment make the PERFECT Air Fryer Steak Recipe

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Is it possible to make the perfect steak in an air fryer ?

Well , we recently tried and we're less than pleased with the outcome .

It just didn't have that perfect crust that we've come to expect from a great steak .

Today , we're gonna try a couple different methods .

So follow along as we turn up the tasty .

A couple weeks ago , we tried cooking steak in the air fryer for the very first time .

We used the preset temperature guide on here , which was 370 F , which I even thought was kind of an odd number .

So today we're going to try a couple of different things .

First of all , we're going to turn up the temperature as hot as this thing will get , which is 400 F .

Also , in our last video , we coated it with extra virgin olive oil .

Today , we're going to continue to use that , but we're also going to try butter , which has a lower smoke point , which will hopefully create a better my reaction .

And then we're also just going to have a plain steak with no oil or butter on it .

Today , we're starting with two strip steaks just like we used in the last experiment .

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Except I want to be able to get these all on one shelf .

I don't want one beneath the other .

I'm trying to reduce variables as much as possible as I've stated before .

I am the Tesla of T Bones , the Edison of edibles .

I don't know .

Does that seem right ?

I don't think that's what I mean , the M of meats , the da Vinci of the meats .

That's what I am today .

We're gonna go back to the experiment .

So I'm gonna cook it three different ways , but there's only two steaks .

They're big steaks a little over an inch thick .

So I'm gonna go ahead and cut these in half before I see .

I do want to mention I did salt these an hour ago .

It's really best if you salt it the day before .

We don't always have that great of meal planning around here .

So these have been salted for at least an hour .

All right .

So now that we have these cut in half , let's get them seasoned .

I think this has a smoke point .

At about 3 75 .

We use avocado oil because it has a very high smoke point and we don't want it to burn .

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In this case .

I think a low smoke point might be better to help create that nice crust .

So , olive oil over here and right over here we have just a little bit of melted butter .

Ok ?

All right .

So we got this thing set to 400 F .

So we're gonna cook this for five minutes .

Then we're gonna flip them over , cook another five minutes .

Take the temperature , flip them cook another five minutes and see how they taste .

That's my favorite part .

All right .

While this is cooking , I just want to bring up one point that was made in the comments section of our last air fryer video .

Someone said that they had their granite countertops crack because of the air and the heat that was hitting those countertops .

So this particular air fryer vents out of the top .

But out of a sense of absolute extreme caution , we did go ahead and put a cutting board underneath if you've seen these videos before .

I mean , I'm just an impatient guy .

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Well , the lady brisket uses the term meer catting where I just stare inside and just wait for this to be done .

Right .

It's been five minutes time to flip .

Well , nothing good looking about that crust right there .

I can say that for sure .

I mean , this doesn't even look as good as our last one .

None of them do .

Let's flip it over and let's give it another five minutes and then check the temperature .

All right , it's been 10 minutes .

Let's pull these out and see how they look frankly .

Not very good .

Now , it should be noted that our last experiment went for 15 minutes .

So we're at about 1 16 , about 100 degrees in the one in the middle and about 100 degrees over here as well .

I don't know , we'll give it another three minutes , check the temperature .

I mean , we don't want to overcook the steaks .

And frankly , this is one of the things I don't like about this method .

You gotta stop the heating process to check the internal temperature .

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All right .

So these steaks are done cooking .

The interesting thing is is that the butter reached a higher temperature faster than these other two .

Our steak that had nothing on , it was about eight degrees lower .

So I'm gonna let these cool , uh , for about five minutes , we'll cut in and see how they look as you can see , none of these steaks look very good .

Frankly , I think we got a better result on the last cook at the lower temperature .

I've said it before on this channel .

You should never cook to time , only temperature .

Why ?

Because there's so many variables that occur when cooking steak .

But this , I mean , that does not look good .

I'd call that closer to a medium .

Well , if you will , I mean , no one likes to hear that word .

Well , and with their steaks being cooked , same thing over here , I actually pulled this one out about two minutes earlier because when I checked the temp it was at 1 37 .

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So I'm sure that this has risen probably another 57 degrees .

Let's see how it looks based upon , looks alone .

I think we've answered the question .

I don't think it's possible to cook the perfect steak in an air fryer .

But let's see how they taste .

Gosh , it feels terrible having wasted money on these awesome steaks to cook them and have them look like this .

I mean , it's just depressing .

It tastes fine though .

It's not dry , it's actually juicier than I expected it to be .

You can really taste that salt , you know , coming through each and every bite and that's what we figured out in another experiment .

But on looks alone , I wouldn't want to eat this on taste .

It tastes great .

You know , you're not getting the crust , but oddly , I don't feel like I'm missing it that much .

You can see the fat did get the best color on all these steaks .

I don't know , we might have to repeat it and use something with a lower smoke point .

What do you guys think we should use ?

Have you made a perfect air fryer steak at home ?

Let us know how you did it in the comments below because we're clearly a little ways away from achieving our outcome .

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All right .

So right here we have the one with the extra virgin olive oil .

Very minor .

If any flavor differences between the first , it's not a huge impact despite how this thing looks , you're not gonna win a steak competition with this color .

No , way , but it is surprisingly juicy .

I'm really shocked at that .

It is not a dry steak and I've heard some chefs even say that crust and Sear Marks is overrate .

Maybe I might agree with that on Sear Marks .

I don't know about the crust .

I really am missing that nice chew that you get over here .

We have the one with the butter and I mean , and theoretically everything should taste better with butter and bacon .

Let's see how it goes .

The one thing that's sticking out to me on every bite is the salt end to end .

And I think that really speaks to the power of salting ahead of time .

Maybe picking up the slightest of butter flavor but not much .

We're doing this for you guys at home and that's why I'm doing it .

I think we answered the question .

Is it possible to cook the perfect steak in an air fryer ?

I don't think it is .

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I've tried this experiment twice .

Now , someone in our last video brought up where you could air fry it and then you could sear it .

But it's like , yeah , if I'm gonna go through all that trouble , I might as well cook it in the pan to begin with and get that nice crust .

Now , don't get me wrong .

I like this air fryer .

I've cooked chicken wings in it before .

I've cooked a number of other things in it and I've been really pleased with the outcome .

Of those items .

But sorry guys , I don't see this as the pathway to the perfect steak .

But let me know if you agree or disagree in the comments below .

Also , while you're there , you guys know the drill .

If you like this video , go ahead and hit that big thumbs up like button or even better to our channel and make sure you hit that bell button .

So you get the notifications .

We release a new video every week .

At least one .

Thanks for checking us out and stay tuned as we find new ways to try to turn up the tasty .

I'll see you guys soon .


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