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2023-07-11 06:54:47

How to make Long Grain White Rice in your Instant Pot 2023

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Someone literally commented that they picked my youtube video because there was an Asian girl on the thumbnail .

But honestly , let's be real .

No one does rice like Asians do .

So let me teach you how to make perfect instant pot rice .

I'm pretty confident here that literally no Japanese person would eat long grain white rice .

At least in Japan .

I make my short grain white rice in my Japanese rice cooker most Asian thing ever .

But I'd say that most people in the US use either long grain white rice , bus money rice or jasmine rice .

This method will work for all three of those .

The same , this method will not work the same for brown rice , short grain rice or medium grain rice in my last video where I'm literally wearing the same outfit .

I got a lot of the same comments .

So I'm gonna go through all of those answer all your questions on how to make the rice today .

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We're making long grain white rice in my instant pot duo plus and my instant pot duo original .

I'm doing two instant pots .

So I'm measuring one cup of rice for one and three cups of rice for the other .

Do you want to know the secret to getting great engagement on a youtube video ?

Just don't wash your rice and people could not be more divided on this for me .

I always wash my Japanese rice , my wild rice , my brown rice .

It just never really occurred to me to wash my long green white rice just because that's what it sells on the package .

However youtube came after me and they were not happy John Lennon writes , she did not wash the rice before cooking it .

What the actual is this guys ?

Because I don't want more engagement today .

I guess I'm going to wash it .

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I have sold hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of these rice washing baskets .

You need to get one first instant pot , gets one cup of rice washed three cups in here .

And though rinsing the rice does not change the amount of water that you need all the time .

Next is the water ratio for every one cup of rice .

I like to add one and a quarter cup of water .

So the ratio is 1 to 1.25 .

Give it a shake to even distribute the ratio for three cups of rice is the same 1 to 1.25 .

So I'm adding three and three quarters of a cup of water to my three cups of rice .

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Of course , you can add chicken broth beef , broth , boon whatever you want for more flavor .

Just a dash of salt and shake .

And now we cook .

Now , this is super important before you cook .

You need to ensure that your ceiling knob is in the ceiling position .

If it is over here in the venting position , all the water is going to evaporate out of this hole and then your rice will burn .

If you have one of these models that has the updated lid , then this is already done for you .

It's default to the ceiling .

Now , if you're new to instant pot cooking , this rice button is a preset .

It goes to 12 minutes on low pressure , which you can use .

But I prefer to just use a manual setting to cook instant part rice .

Press the manual button right here and adjust the time .

My try entry method is three minutes on high pressure .

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The other thing you need to remember is to make sure that this keep warm button is on before you start pressure cooking .

Otherwise it will not do the natural pressure release .

If your instant pot doesn't have a manual button , it probably is one of the updated ones .

And it says pressure cook manual and pressure cook are the same thing in recipes and then you'll adjust your time .

Now the keyboard is on .

And this one I don't like because you actually have to press start whether you have one cup of rice or three cups of rice , the time stays the same your instant pot will stay on .

And that just tells you that the instant pot has registered the time that you asked for and it's going to warm up a little bit of steam or sputtering coming out of your lid is totally normal while it's building pressure .

Once your instant pot has come to pressure , your display will counting down from the number of minutes that you said .

So it will start counting down from three .

At that point , your instant pot should be completely pressurized and there should be no steam or sputtering coming out of the lid .

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Once your instant pot has finished the three minute pressure cook cycle , it will say L 000 .

The L stands for lapsed time at this point .

The instant pot will start counting up telling you the number of minutes it has been naturally releasing the pressure .

If you forgot to put the keep warm button on , then your instant pot will not say it will just turn off .

Our rice is done .

Pressure cooking .

And now we're going to check it out .

If your instant pot still has the pin up like this , just go ahead and release the rest of the pressure .

So now we're going to fluff up our rice .

So I thought I was recording and I wasn't , but this is the one cup of rice .

It's perfect .

And then this is three cups of rice with three and three quarters cup of water .

See no sticking perfectly .

Fluffy and you want to fluff it up like this before you serve it .

Always , we've got perfectly cooked rice here steamy .

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If you try out this method and it still is a little too hard for you , then you can pressure cook for 4 to 5 minutes or you can add an additional quarter cup of water .

Here's a quick warning .

If you leave your instant pot rice in the instant pot and keep warm for a long extended period of time .

It can get sticky , it can burn , it can stick to the rest of your pot .

So be careful .

I find that rice really doesn't store super well because it dries out in the fridge pretty quickly .

But what I really like to do with my leftover instant pot rice is to make rice pudding .

I have a super popular instant pot rice pudding recipe and you can just rehydrate this rice with a little bit of water to make it nice and loose and then just follow the directions from my video or the recipe from my website .

If you test out this method and you still think it needs to be a little bit softer .

Just add an additional five minutes to the natural pressure release or you can increase the pressure cooked time to four or five minutes .

If you want to find out how to make instant pop brown rice .

Click this video here .

Thank you so much for watching this video and we'll see you next time .

Bye .


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