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2023-07-09 14:30:33

HOW TO PLAY GUITAR SOLOS- Fast, Easy, No Practice!

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You don't want the high E in there .

There's a little E I think you might use it just if I brought it a little bit .

Don't ask me .

I don't know .

So the first time it took is that there's a lot of chi chi chi with the right hand .

Next part is Baby .

Baby Be Major .

Uh C winner , what you've seen and a couple of other Van Haen songs uh Panama is another one .

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Mhm Here it's the uh the B Miner , that kind of thing .

Oh 20 on the high E and then B and G on the fourth .

No , that's what the drums kind of thing before getting into the chorus .

And that's basically , um , you can do it .

Well , this is the really bonehead way .

You're just basically outlying in any major scale or you can go , you double it more time .

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C major .

Uh , the major , a major , uh , another version of B major or you can , or you can use 33 strings .

Now , the chorus is the exact same as the intro .

Uh The reason why it sounds a little bit more dazzling is that Ed is doing a lot of , it's a two guitar part .

So it sounds a little bit more full .

Um Everything's pretty much the same except when you go back into baby , baby .


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