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2023-07-10 08:50:42

Cooking Perfect Rice Uncle Roger's way. Bonus - How to measure rice with finger.

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Haiya .

A lot of you reach out and ask about how to cook the perfect rice , not BBC way but Asian style .

Thanks to Uncle Roger and hers , Patel .

I guess .

No worries .

This video is here to answer the two most important questions .

First , how to use your finger to measure rice ?

You get a chance to see this in a bit .

Secondly , how to steam the best fluffy rice Asian way .

Washing the raw grains is a crucial step and you can't skip this .

This is not only for the hygiene reason but also help to remove the starch from the surface .

These will ensure a light and fluffy end results .

Ideally , you want to wash them under coal running water .

It's done when the water becomes clear .

So the signal is pretty clear , right ?

Make sure you don't waste the rinse water , use them for gardening or even for your face cleansing routine .

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Here comes the secret that's been passed on from my great great group group grandmother .

We call it the magical finger flatten the rice , pop your finger into the rice , make a hole and use the line on your finger as a marker .

Now you have to look at the middle fallings , fill the water to the exact location as they were in the proximal .

That is it .

That's how to get it right every single time .

Now , rice cooking , firstly , turn up the heat and bring it to boil ones is boiled .

Give it a good stir and turn it to the lowest possible heat .

At this stage , you have to put on the lid and let the rice cook and simmer for 10 minutes .

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When the timer goes off , turn off the heat .

But please don't remove the cover and you have to let the rise steam for a further five minutes .

Yes .

It would be ideal to have a rice cooker .

But to be honest , it's not the end of the world and I have still been able to cook the best white rice with a stainless steel pan .

If you wanted to get a rice cooker .

Try Argos .

I managed to find one for just under 10 quid .

Wow .

Look at the rice .

The texture is perfect .

It's not only soft and not hard either .

Mm .

Now let me give this a go .

Oh my .

Mm .

Mm .

Mm .

This is cooked to perfection .

Thanks for watching .

Please subscribe .

Bye for now .


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