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2023-07-11 07:14:24

Richard Bertinet's White Bread Masterclass _ Waitrose

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Now I'm gonna show you how to mould and to make the tin loaf great basic white dough .

But also that dough we can use it for , uh , a and that's another .

It's a quick bread .

What I call instant gratification bread .

You don't have to prove that bread .

You just cut the dough and make it straight in the oven .

It's fantastic , Right ?

To make the white loaf , we need flour , 1 kg of strong flour .

Then we get some fine sea sword and I'm gonna use 20 gramme in there .

Two teaspoon of swords Now , yeast .

There's two types of yeast you can use .

You can use fresh yeast , which is great .

Give you a nice flavour .

If you can't get fresh yeast , you can use some , uh , quick yeast as well , so I use about one teaspoon for 1 kg of flour .

Now the only thing we need after that is water , and I'm gonna use 730 grammes of water for 1 kg of flour .

Cover your salt and your yeast and blend everything together .

You can use your finger for this .

Put our water into our bowl very slowly .

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OK , I'm only joking and then using plastic scraper , mix everything together like you would do on a on a mixer in a on a slow speed .

For four or five minutes , you mix your together so they start to bound together .

So if you put your hand in there now , what's happening ?

You stick everywhere .

And then the stickiness made your brain feel it so sticky .

You put more flour in there , you change your recipe , you got to stick to the recipe and believe it's going to work .

So work everything really well together .

If you do this in your bowl until you've got no flour showing there's no dry bit and then drop this on the table .

Right .

OK , this is perfect .

The door's gonna be full .

Now You got to work with the door .

Hands like that .

Pick up the dough and then slap it there .

Stretch over and fold .

Excellent .

What you must not do is hold on to the do too much , believe he's going to work and it will work .

Give me a scrap that you do for a walk .

Make it move .

Sure , the door is you take a bit of practise .

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You don't have you don't have oil I can feel the door really getting stronger and stronger .

You feel the door changing .

There's a trick I teach people during the class .

Also sometimes is If you heard of the French shrug , you were perfect .

If you do the French shrug to the door , you all know that the door will come off your finger .

I'll show you that look OK both the best concession to feed the door Coming in your life changing through your finger by doing your home work and understanding how the door work Final touch More shrug If you see the door there when you put your hand on top , it doesn't stick .

Our door is done now so just a fine dusting of like just very little upside down .

So the sticky side is up now and that's going to rest now for an hour .

Put it somewhere , Drop free , right ?

Our dough now has been rested for an hour .

It's beautiful .

Ready to go .

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I'm gonna show you now how to divide the dough and to make some beautiful tin loaf with it .

And also a nice , tiny bit of flour on the table .

Fine dusting .

Then my scrap up and tip it over .

Find this in your and keep a tiny bit of dough for my Here you go .

Now press it down gently .

Give it one fold , press in there another foot on top and we divide the dough in about 450 grammes .

And I'm sure to mould the tin off very lightly butter .

You can use all if you want to , or so my top of my dough .

The smooth side is , uh press it down a tiny bit .

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There I love now are ready to go and prove .

Don't try to put your dough in .

It's too dry .

As soon as they covered , they won't crush on the top .

OK , I got a piece of dough left over there .

And what I want to show you is one of my favourite bread .

The come from the same root word as it was for and it was focus .

Which means bread baked on the half of the oven right in the was really , really hot .

So for this one , I'm gonna use a tiny bit of with a bit of flour together .

That's great .

I take my dough there , gonna get a scrapper and just cut it .

Let me do there like a leaf shape .

And you find them in windows .

In shops in France , you can have them stuff with with all sorts of things .

And they're lifted there on a I make a metre .

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Flames .

Look at that .

Beautiful .

Make sure it doesn't stick and that's ready for the oven .

And about 10 minutes .

We have a perfect The food has been now for about 20 minutes in the oven .

Oh , yes , it perfectly , perfectly , perfectly form .

Listen to this .

Oh , that's exactly what you want .

Perfect .

Our tin .

I have been improved for one hour now , so it's time to put them in the oven .

Just rub it gently .

Very hotter than 2 .

50 .

Put them inside .

Get a big squirt of steam in there and this will soften the top of the crust and form the crust .

Done .

They get it back at on full heat for about , uh , 10 minutes .

After 10 minutes , we turn the oven down by 30 degree and then finish back in for another 20 minutes .

Let's have a look .

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Oh , yes .

Oh , look at you .

Beautiful .

The crust is nicely form , but if you wanted a harder crust on the side , put it back in the oven for two or three minutes and then you form a better crust .

Beautiful , right .

What we've got now with the simple basic white dough is for and a grateful gas .


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