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2023-07-10 09:15:17

I Tested Cooking Steak On A Lava Stone • Tasty

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Today , I'm gonna be trying to make perfect steak using the good cooking Steak Stone deluxe serving set .

Now , usually people say you need a cast iron to get the perfect steak .

But we're gonna see if we can get one using only this steak stone .

Let's get started .

This thing cost about $65 on Amazon .

This version comes with this really cool serving plate and then the sauce cups as well .

There is a version of this that you can get without the extra serving utensils , but this is tasty money .

So let's go back .

So I'm pulling the stone out here and this thing has got some nice weight on it .

This is at least a good like 5 to £7 if not a little bit heavier .

So this thing is supposed to give you perfect steak right at your dinner table .

It's kind of like a hibachi grill experience which we can't really get right now .

So let's heat this up and test it out .

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Mm Na na na na , we have our heated steak stone here .

I'm gonna be super careful not to touch this thing because I can feel the heat radiating off of it .

You're supposed to hit this with a little dab of olive oil , do that now .

And for the steak , I've got a really nice cut of meat right here .

I just seasoned it with salt and pepper .

I didn't wanna do too much .

I kinda wanna let all the magic happen on the stone .

And with that said , let's get this baby cooking .

I hope we get that really satisfying sizzle .

I'm really , really looking forward to that right moment of truth .

Here we go .

I had to just let you guys enjoy the sizzle that I heard right there .

Like , oh that was super beautiful .

That makes me , you can see it's smoking here .

This , you really feel like you're at a experience for real .

Seriously .

We're really gonna go for like a medium rare today .

So I'm gonna let this thing cook for about five minutes on each side .

Try not to touch it too much and then we'll cut it open and see what's happening .

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So usually when you flip your steak for the first time in a cast iron , you get that really nice crust .

Let's see what we get here .

It's been about five minutes .

Oh Wow .

Look at that guys .

Look at that .

Oh That looks beautiful .

It says in the instructions that this things will stay sizzling hot for about 20 to 30 minutes , but it'll still be cooking for 40 to 50 minutes after you take it out of the oven .

So um you know , that show stopping like sizzling moments only good at the beginning .

But you know , you don't have to reheat this thing every 20 minutes , which would feel like it kind of defeats the purpose .

But uh so far so good .

So , so I'm feeling pretty helpful about getting this thing cooked .

Well , all the way through the top of this crust looks super great and I'm really impressed with what we got on this side .

So let's see what happens on the other side .

This is a pretty thick cut of meat .

So , like I said , I'm gonna leave it on a little bit longer to five minutes .

We'll probably sit around 7 to 10 minutes , but this thing is supposed to cook it really slow .

So you don't overcook it .

So I don't think I'm going to do that .

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I know I shouldn't touch it so too much , but I really wanna see what's happening on this other side here .

What do you say ?

Let's take a peek .

I don't know , guys , I'm not 100% sure what I'm doing .

Like I said , the science is not exact here .

I've never cooked on the steak stone before .

Um , but you know , this steak is looking really good to me .

I'm gonna , uh , let it rest and then while it's resting , let's see how these vegetables turn out .

All right , let's put some asparagus on here .

Nice sizzle .

So last one you wouldn't advise you to do that with your fingers .

Asparagus is on here .

I'm really just looking for this to get like a little bit tender .

We'll see how long it takes for it to get to the texture that we normally like still have a little bit of a bite to it .

Not , not super soft .

I think it would take forever to get this thing to be super soft anyway , I'm even getting that little whistle too .

So this thing is really cooking .

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Tongues are perfect for this thing .

I can already tell the asparagus is getting nice and toasted .

It's getting real limp here .

Which makes me know that like it's obviously cooking .

So I'm gonna pull this off .

You can put it right back in our plate here .

No big deal .

So our asparagus probably took a little less than five minutes .

I'm just gonna put a little bit of olive oil there .

A little bit of salt .

That's a lot of salt .

Don't worry about it .

We're here for the steak , not the vegetables .

Asparagus is done .

I think it looks pretty good .

Took less than five minutes to cook .

I'm just gonna taste it quickly .

Mm Nice and crunchy .

Mm .

Perfect amount of salt .

Actually .

What's the proper way to eat asparagus ?

It's so long .

This tastes really delicious .

But again , our focus is on the state .

So let's go see how that turned out .

All right .

Moment of truth .

I've let it rest .

I'm gonna cut into it .

See what we got here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

A right .

A right .

We're in like a little bit of a medium rare to medium situation here .

Totally fine .

I don't think we overcooked it at all .

I feel like style grilling isn't something that's gonna be coming back right away .

So , this might be a pretty good alternative to going out and still being able to get that same feeling at home .

Hm .

Mm .

Mm .

Mm .

That is so , so , so , so good .

The steak sauce really takes that over the top .

I think you got a nice gradual change between the pink and the center .

Um , and overall I'm pretty happy with this , so we just cook steak on the good cooking steak , Stone Deluxe serving kit .

I think overall the experience went really well .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm not gonna say that you're getting like a phenomenally different steak than you would if you use a cast iron , but it's a really cool experience to kind of have that hibachi grill situation right at your dinner table .

And I think it would be a really , really great gift for someone at this time when we're all at home .

So this thing cost $65 on Amazon .

It does exactly what it said it would , it gave us pretty good steak .

It gave us perfect vegetables and I'm gonna give it two thumbs up for sure .

Well , there you have it , folks .

That's how you cook steak on the good cooking Steak Stone deluxe serving set .

If you have any other gadgets that you want tasty to try first drop it in the comments below and we'll make it happen until then I'm , and I'll see you guys later .

Oh , yes .


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