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In today's video .

We're doing surf and turf , the most flavorful filet mignon you've ever had in the most seasoned saucy Lobster on earth .

Let's go .

What's going on everybody ?

Welcome back to another episode of more seasoning .

I'm your host Farnum .

And today we are knocking out one of Jacqueline and I's favorite dishes that I make .

It is incredible .

It's surf and turf .

It is a garlic herb filet mignon just like jam packed with flavor and an old bay butter lobster tail to go along with it and they're fire .

They are so damn good and it's actually like barely any ingredients and incredibly easy to make .

So make sure you stay tuned for that .

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Also , if you stay tuned , I'm giving away $100 cash to somebody who comments the secret word that I'll be revealing later on in this video in the comment section .

So we're doing steak and lobster and let's be real .

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Let's go .

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So the ingredients you're gonna need for this bomb .

Filet mignon and lobster are filet mignon , lobster tail , unsalted butter , thyme , rosemary garlic , lemon parsley and old bay seasoning .

Of course , I always forget one ingredient , grape seed oil , 10 ingredients total .

Let's go .

Ok .

So this really is as simple as it looks .

The first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna start with a filet mignon .

And one of the most important things I can say about this before you cook your steak is you let this rest outside of the fridge , get it as close to room temperature as possible .

The closer to room temperature you get it , the more evenly it's gonna cook through and not get overdone .

All right , for the filet mignon real simple .

All we're gonna do is a generous coat of salt and pepper on top , on bottom and all around the side .

We wanna get this evenly seasoned .

So if you do notice any silver skin on your filet , make sure you just go ahead and cut that off .

I noticed it after I salted it .

I like jewelry but silver skin not for me .

Does that make me racist against the silver server ?

Ok .

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So now once you got your salt on there , do the same exact thing with your pepper .

A nice heavy coat .

Now , for the most difficult part of this whole recipe , we're gonna prep our time in rosemary .

So you're just gonna take a bundle of time , put it on a plate , take a bundle of rosemary , put it on a plate .

Then we're gonna shoot for about five whole cloves of garlic .

So you're gonna peel off your garlic , chop the bottom off .

Give it a smash .

Take that peel off onto the plate .

All right .

So now we're gonna make our old Bay Lobster butter .

And let me tell you something .

It's super easy but crazy , crazy flavor .

So , all you're gonna need is half a stick of butter and you can save the other half of your butter for your steak , which you're gonna need .

Later on .

Next , we're gonna do the juice of half a lemon .

Next , we're gonna do a handful of fine chopped parsley .

Go ahead and roll it up tight , run your knife through that fine chop and do a bowl .

Next , we're gonna do about five cloves of finely chopped garlic .

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Generally , I will put the old bay in while the butter's melting .

But let's just make things easy and do three tablespoons of old bay .

Lastly , let's finish it off with a pinch of salt and some black crack pepper .

Ok ?

So the last thing we're gonna do is prep our lobster .

First thing you gotta do , preheat your oven to 3 75 .

Next , get you some parchment paper .

Go ahead and just flatten that out .

First thing you're gonna wanna do is just snip off all these little legs .

Hey , you all right .

Next , what you're gonna do is on these little spines right here .

These little brackets .

You're just gonna go ahead and push them in and you're gonna hear a crunch after that .

Grab a pair of shears or scissors right between the shell and the muscle right down the middle , right to the tail flap , squeeze and then you're gonna run your finger through the side , do the same on the other side next underneath .

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And once you get it all the way back to the tail flap , you're just gonna close the front .

That's a beautiful piece of lobster right there .

And the last thing we're gonna do is just go ahead and give a nice old bay seasoning rub on there and finish it off with some salt and pepper .

Now , we're gonna go over to the stove , melt that butter down , drip some of that beautiful butter on top of this , throw this in the oven for 10 minutes and get to cooking that steak .

We're gonna switch the cameras .

Let's roll .

All right .

So we're at the stove right now and we've got a very simple set up .

We got our oven on 3 75 .

We've got our lobster tail on our parchment paper .

We've got our old bay butter getting ready to melt .

We've got a decent size cast iron pan .

And next to that , we have our steak herbs , garlic butter and oil .

All right .

So the first thing we're gonna do is get this lobster in the oven and in order to do that , we need to melt this butter on the lowest heat .

We're just gonna melt that butter and whisk together until fully incorporated .

So I always kind of eyeball as I go and taste as I go .

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So I'm gonna put a little bit more lemon in here .

Just to give it that fresh pop and we're gonna do one more taste test just to see if our revisions paid off .

That's right where you wanna be .

All right .

And the final thing that we're gonna do is we're just gonna spoon on our butter onto this gorgeous lobster .

Once you got that butter all over your lobster , we're just gonna pop it into the oven for 10 minutes .

All right .

So there's a million different ways to cook a steak .

My favorite personally is pan seared , which is what we're gonna do today .

So basically , all that is is we're gonna get a nice crust on the top and the bottom and then we're gonna add the butter in our herbs and we're gonna base the steak until it cooks all the way to the temperature that we want , which is medium rare for me , which is about 100 and 25 degrees .

And this is your best friend .

You can do the touch test to see if it's firm or not .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But you get one of these guys and you know , the temperature that you want to shoot for , which I can pop on the screen .

This is the best way to cook a steak to make it perfect every single time .

Let's go .

You can't use olive oil for this because it's just gonna smoke everywhere and burn .

So grape seed oil , avocado oil , great oils to choose once this thing starts shimmering and the oil just flows around real easily .

That's when it's time to pop it on and it should sound like this .

All right .

So , right now , what we're doing is we're creating that crust on the bottom of the steak .

So we're hitting it at a super high heat in order to get that beautiful crust on there .

We're gonna leave it here for 2 to 3 minutes and then we'll flip .

Right .

So , what you're looking at right now is the bottom of that steak starting to brown and turn into that crust .

And when you get to this point , that's an indicator that you're just about ready to flip .

All right .

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So after about 30 seconds on the second side , we're gonna add our butter and our herbs in there , we're gonna get the herbs and the garlic in there , release all of those flavors and then we're just gonna start to base that steak .

Wow .

Oh my God .

Do you smell that ?

So , those herbs nice .

Right on top .

And then we're just gonna continue to base for about two minutes for a medium rare .

Go ahead and tilt the pan in order to get all that butter in there .

All right .

Boom .

So in the middle of this , our lobster is ready .

We're gonna come over here , boy .

All right .

Our steak is at 1 25 and it is time to pull this bad boy off .

Let's go .

Can we talk about this for a second .

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Like how , how amazing does that steak look perfect crust on the top and bottom covered with those herbs and garlic .

It just smells .

Look at me the smell out of this world .

Crucial thing you wanna do right here .

Like any steak .

We wanna go ahead and make sure that we let this sit for about five minutes and then we can cut right into it .

Let's go .

Ladies and gentlemen , it is time for the taste test .

And since this is our favorite dinner , I got one taste tester tonight , Miss Jacqueline Hill Bugs .

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How does it look ?

You have no idea .

The smell that is just like plummeting up the stairs .

Oh , my , my mouth has been watering for the past 15 minutes .

You know what ?

I'm not even gonna make you wait .

I'm gonna pour out a glass of the Wink wine that we got .

You pour .

I cut .

Sounds good .

All right .

What do you want ?

First lobster or the steak ?

Um , I want a bite of both at the same time .

Ok .

Like a little lobster and a little stick together .

A little saucy .

Oh my God .

That looks perfect folks .

What are we talking about here ?

Literally the perfect medium rare .

That's why you gotta get yourself a little thermometer .

Hm .

Oh my God .

Have you tasted this yet ?

No , not that one .

I tried .

I tried the other ones genuinely .

Oh my God .

You got our lobster .

You got our perfectly cooked .

Wait a piece of the steak first .

Just the steak .

Just that .

Hold on how we do .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I wanted to fall back and have you catch me ?

Oh , go ahead .

Holy , that , it , it's so tender .

It is so damn tender .

So we're called more seasoning .

So there's a ton of seasoning on the top of this lobster .

But you got the option to scrape some off if you don't want it because it is powerful and I'm so in love with you .

I'm so in love with you .

Oh , it has nothing to do with this .

Mm .

But also am I am I , I won't tell you to taste it so bad .

They're dying to taste it .

All right .

Here we go .

She said , wait , wait , that's good .

I got it .

It's right there .

Jana .

That was your only what's on top .

Yeah , it's all about .

But you got the whole steak .

That slap .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Is that good ?

You ready ?

Oh my God .

It's so damn good .

Oh my God .

Hey , wink .

This loves me .

Not is going crazy .

Say what ?

Mhm .

It was so good .

I , I like that in the morning in the last year .

It's so you like it even more than a lobster .

Yeah , that you guys the way this cuts through , watch like literally you like put your for in there and it's like , I'm not even applying pressure .

It's just like , I mean , it just what , when it comes to the steak and lobster dinner tea .

What do you rate it on the star scale ?

Scar 10 scar 10 stars .

It's 550 , sorry .

55 .

Genuinely .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You think this is a , yes , I could eat this one through five , 4.5 .

Ok .

Bugs .

I would make this five .

I don't know .

This is something for me personally that I would want to go to a restaurant to eat .

Like I would be like , oh , tomorrow , can we please go to blank restaurant to get that steak and lobster when it comes to the Star scale ?

It's a five every single time for me .

It has to be , it's my show .

It's a five star , but it genuinely is the most incredible tasting steak and lobster .

I think I've ever had the flavor that is just wrapped up in the steak and lobster is something that you're not getting at a restaurant .

I promise .

I've , I've ordered steak and lobster at a million restaurants .

The flavor does not come out like this jam packed .

That steak is a 5 , 10 ingredients is all it takes to do this in about 20 minutes .

So I was cutting that .

No , no .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Hey , hey , I got the other piece .

Ladies and gentlemen , there , you have it .

The steak and lobster from heaven .

Let's be real .

This thing is from above it paid off for watching this long because what we're doing right now is giving away $100 cash and all you have to do is comment , the secret word below which is S SI N comment busting down below and you could win $100 cash .

Hey , shout out to Wink Wine for the bomb sponsorship and the bomb wine .

I appreciate you guys .

10 ingredients .

It'll blow your taste buds out of the water .

Make sure you subscribe .

Hit that like button .

Drop those comments below .

I appreciate you guys .

My name is , this is more seasoning .

This is family .

I love y'all and we are .

I grab my phone to right button .

I thought George .

Come on .

You want a treat ?

Let's go .

What ?

Let's get a treat .

Come on .

All right .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So realistically , no .

All right , you ain't get my daughter .

I'll shoot you in the face today .

We're gonna talk about the birds and the bees .

I don't know why it's not the bees and the flowers though .

It's actually really good .

I told you , dude .

Yeah , I kind of thought you were caping next .

Get you some apartment paper apartment .

That's like the crap .

Do you not do that ?

It's disgusting .

You know , I have soft teeth .

How could you say that ?


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