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2023-07-08 09:01:26

Fasta Pasta Microwave Pasta Cooker

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To make pasta .

You have to wait , then wait , then you have to lug , then you strain when you drain and then you have to rub and scrub .

Stop introducing the amazing pasta pasta .

Just place the pasta in the pasta , pasta fill to the portion .

Water level pop into the microwave use cooking guide to set the time and the pasta perfectly cooks just the way you like it in minutes done place on the custom lid .

The cool touch handle and built in strainer , let you instantly drain and easily plate and serve .

The secret is the patented reservoir design that circulates the water tumbling the pasta , preventing sticking cooking to perfection .

Every time here is the best part .

Pasta pasta is dishwasher safe .

Plus there's no guesswork .

Use the lid to measure perfect portion sizes .

The pasta pasta cooks different types of pasta .

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Perfectly large shells , egg noodles , all types of pasta and more look fast boiling .

Tumbling water can wreck ravioli , foa pasta gently cooks and then gently drains for perfect ravioli every single time .

Pasta pasta perfectly cooks lasagna noodles , then rinses and drains at the same time with pasta pasta .

It's quick and so easy to make delicious lasagna .

You can even make macaroni and cheese in just minutes .

Add ingredients and you have the best mac and cheese ever cook pasta and veggie together .

Gourmet taste in just minutes and now available .

The fast pasta cookbook developed just for the pasta pasta .

Microwave cooker , cooking pasta just got faster and easier delicious gourmet pasta recipes that are ready in 15 minutes or less tasty salmon , chicken and beef pasta dishes .

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The simple and easy section of the pasta pasta cookbook has super fast and easy recipes for when a quick homemade meal is needed .

Vegetables , pasta , salads and even chocolate cake , cooking pasta just keeps getting better and better with the pasta pasta .

Microwave cooker .


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