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2023-07-11 06:51:30

How To Cook The Perfect Pan Seared Steak - A Beginner's Guide _ Jono Ren (Episode 7)

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What's up youtube ?

It's Jona here when I first started out in the kitchen , cooking steak was extremely daunting .

It's not the cheapest ingredients .

So I was always worried of screwing up a good piece of meat .

If you're a beginner , learning how to cook steak , the quickest and most simplest method would be pan searing .

This is the method I learned when I first started out in the kitchen .

So today I'm gonna show you step by step how to cook a perfectly pans steak every time .

Let's go for a perfect steak .

Make sure you get a good quality cut of beef .

I've gone with the scotch filet , but other great steak cuts you can get include eye filet , sirloin t-bone and rum .

Don't try buy the cheapest thing you can find .

The first time I tried cooking steak , I went to the supermarket and I bought the cheapest thing I could find a Chuck steak for $12 per kilo .

I'm not saying that Chuck steak is bad .

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It's just not appropriate for parents and searing what I ended up getting was a tough and chewy piece of steak .

Not pleasant .

So , learn from my mistake .

Choose a cut of meat that's appropriate for pan searing .

Try get a piece of meat with a good thickness to it .

Preferably around 1 to 1.5 inches .

One last thing you wanna look for in a good steak is the marbling .

These are the little streaks of fat which are interweaving through the meat .

The more marbling a steak has , the more tender it'll be ok .

So now that we've got our piece of meat sorted .

Time to season it up , rub both sides of the steak with olive oil and then generously season with salt and pepper .

When you're cooking steak , always remember to remove the steak from the fridge 20 to 30 minutes before you actually cook it .

This brings the meat up to room temperature which will allow it to cook evenly .

That's what helps it develop that beautiful brown crust while still staying nice and tender in the middle .

Oh , that's a lot of steak info .

And now it's finally time to cook the damn thing .

So get a pan with a heavy bottom and preheat it over medium high heat .

A heavier pan means heat gets distributed more evenly , which gives the steak an amazing sea .

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Let it get smoking hot to test .

Splash some water in the pan .

Oh , see that sizzle .

Yeah , it's good and hard in here .

So it's time to put on your steak .

Always lay the steak away from you .

You don't want oil stains in your lovely t-shirt .

Do you , once your steak is on the pan ?

Just let it sit there and sizzle away .

When I first started cooking .

It was really tempting to play around with the tongs and move it around .

But resist your urges .

It's really important to keep flipping to a minimum that allows the meat to get prolonged contact with the pan , which creates that beautiful brown crust .

Just flip the steak every two minutes so that it cooks evenly on both sides .

Don't forget to turn the steak on its side as well .

You wanna cook the fat out of the steak and get a crust on all sides in cooking .

We call this rendering down the fat .

See how the fats turn from transparent to a golden brown color .

That's what we wanna see .

Ok .

So now we've come to the hardest part of cooking steak trying to figure out how long to cook the damn thing .

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Now , have you ever gone to a restaurant and ordered steak if you have ?

You'll remember because your wallet probably got 10 times lighter .

But when you order the waiter will ask you , how would you like your steak done , sir , madam ?

What they're referring to is how thoroughly you want your steak cooked .

Most people including myself like a medium rare where it's still slightly pink in the middle , but it's up to you .

I'm not your advisor .

This steak is around 300 g , so I'll probably cook this for seven or eight minutes for medium rare .

But if you like a medium go for around 8 to 9 minutes .

Ok .

So now I'm just gonna do our final flip .

Oh , la la .

Look it out here .

That's the golden brown crust .

We're looking for guys .

And now just to finish off our steak , I'm just gonna add a tablespoon of butter at the end .

This will just take your steak up to another level and give you that rich buttery finish .

Oh my gosh , this looks so good .

So a little trick to test how well your steak is cooked is to join your finger with your thumb .

So that's rare and that's medium rare .

And so just poke your palm and compare the softness with your meat .

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Once your steak is cooked , allow the steak to rest for three minutes .

I know it looks so damn mouthwatering .

It's just sitting there going eat me .

Now talk about temptations .

This is probably the hardest step to do , but it's also an important one .

Letting the steak rest will allow the juices inside to soak back into the meat .

If you cut it , now , all those beautiful steak juices will come leaking out .

You don't want that when you're slicing steak , you always want to be cutting against the grain .

The grains are generally gonna be running horizontally across the meat .

So you want to slice the meat vertically into the lovely thin strips .

Ok .

Here we go , fingers crossed turned out .

Well , that's what we're aiming for in a perfect steak .

Guys .

Lovely brown crust on the outside , but slightly red juicy and tender on the inside .

Absolutely gorgeous .

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And that's how you cook perfectly pan tied steak every time .

Thank you for watching .

Subscribe down below if you want to see the next episode , like and comment down below .

I would love to hear from you anyways .

I'm out .


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