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2023-07-11 06:50:10

How to Cook with Shirataki Noodles using Pasta Zero

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Hi , I'm Nancy from Fit Mama .

Eats where I show you how to eat well and be well .

I'd like to introduce you to a low carb , no fat pasta alternative called Pasta Zero .

Shirataki Noodles from the Soya as a registered dietician , I'm always on the lookout for new healthy food products for my clients that will help satisfy their cravings and yet keep them on track with their nutrition and weight loss goals .

Pasta zero is perfect for that .

Shirataki noodles are a kind of Japanese noodle that are made mostly of water and something called Gluco Man , which comes from the root of the Conj plant .

Gin is a type of soluble dietary fiber that helps keep you full and satisfied .

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When you first open a package of Shirataki noodles , you may notice a bit of an earthy smell which is completely natural and comes from the Conj plant that smell does disappear .

Once you rinse the noodles and heat them up .

There are so many variations that you can do with these noodles .

They work great in noodle soups or all different kinds of stir fries with different sauces and seasonings .

The noodles have a slightly chewy , very satisfying texture .

That works great in all of these varieties of dishes .

Pasta .

Zero has zero fat and only 20 calories and 4 g of carbs per serving .

They're also vegan and gluten free .

I love this eight ounce package size because it's the perfect portion for one person .

Even if you end up eating the whole thing , which most of us probably would do .

You're still only getting about 40 calories and 8 g of carbs , which you can't beat .

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Look for pasta , zero Shirataki noodles in the produce or dairy section of your local grocery store .

Usually near the tofu .

They come in two varieties , either a spaghetti or a thicker fettuccini noodle .

So whether you're looking to lose weight , control your carbs or just eat healthier pasta , zero Shirataki noodles are a delicious option to add to your menu for easy recipe ideas and tips .

Check out Naoya dot com .

Happy eating .


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