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2023-07-11 07:17:23

Super Soft Pav Recipe _ Ladi Pav Recipe _ Pav Bread with Tips & Tricks ~ The Terrace Kitchen

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In this video , we'll see how to make super soft and delicious power with all the tips and tricks .

Let's get started .

First step is to activate the yeast .

So for that , we need 3/4 cup of warm milk , milk should be warm and not hot , add to tea full of sugar and give it a good stir .

This process is called as blooming of the yeast .

Now at 2.5 teaspoon dry yeast , I'm using dry yeast here and you can see the brand name mentioned on the video , give it a mix and then you need to cover it and let it bloom .

So this would take 10 to 15 minutes .

But if you see that the yeast is not activating or the blooming has not happened .

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That means the yeast is not good , please .

In that case , do not go ahead and use that yeast .

Please don't do that .

This is a very important step in a bowl .

Take 2.5 cup , all purpose flour or meda or if you have bread flour , you can take that as well , add salt as Batiste and just make a well in the center and pour in the yeast mixture .

Now bring everything together .

Now gradually add water .

So you would need 4 to 5 tablespoon water and you would notice that the dough would become sticky like this .

That's ok because this is how it's going to be .

Next step is to pull and stretch the dough to develop gluten .

So I'm showing you one thing .

So this is the whisk attachment and this is dough hook attachment .

I don't know if you have this with your hand mixer , but I have it .

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So if you have this , you can also use this , this would save you some time and your energy .

So if you have it , you can use it .

But I'm going to show you how to do it when you do not have a stand mixer or do not have such dough hook attachment in your hand mixer .

So you need to stretch and pull the dough and you can use oil or you can apply oil to your hand to handle the dough .

Well , you need to do this for 15 to 20 minutes and in between add some butter to the stove .

So I'm using 2.5 tablespoon and then continue stretching and pulling the dough towards the end .

You may add a little me extra meda or use oil to handle the dough .

So you would still see it's slightly sticking , that's OK .

Use oil and then bring it together and put it in your boon Mhm Cover it and let it rest for 1 to 2 hours .

It should double in size .

It totally depends on the temperature in your area or where you stay .

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So this is the mold which I'm going to use .

It's not mandatory to use a cake tin or cake mold .

You can use your baking tray as well .

If you would have seen my blog , I have used a baking tray in that putting butter pepper is totally optional .

You can see the dough has doubled in size .

A very important point .

If you let this dough rest for like a lot of time , then that would also not result in a good bread .

So over proofing or overdo , it is also not going to give you good bread .

Just need again for a minute .

Now it's time to divide this two into small portions .

So I'm dividing this dough into 99 portions to make nine power .

But let me tell you , you can also double the number .

I mean you can make small power 18 in numbers .

So nine to the 18 .

So nine big power with this recipe , 12 , slightly smaller power and 18 smaller power .

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So it's up to you now to decide how many power you want to and what size of power you want to make .

But remember , smaller power would take less time for baking compared to the bigger ones .

Now it's time for second proofing or proofing .

Cover it with a damp cloth and let it sit for 45 minutes approximately .

Again , it depends on the temperature in your region .

Pow has doubled in size .

And yes , that could be an indicator for you to identify whether it's ready for baking brush with some milk pickers that would help get the browning on top .

Or if you are non vegetarian or you are vegetarian , you can also apply egg wash .

Now it's time to bake it .

So I've preheated my oven at 200 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes and I'm going to bake this power for 20 to 22 minutes .

And like I said , for smaller power , the baking time would reduce .

So the powers are done and it's time to brush these with oil or butter .

I'm using oil here , but you can also use butter .

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Another very important tip when the mold becomes warm enough to touch or your baking tray becomes warm enough to touch , take the power out and place on a wire rack or something that would let air circulate from its bottom .

If you let it cool down completely in the tray or the mold , the bottom will become soggy and yeah , when you take the power out of the oven , the top might feel hard .

But as you apply oil or butter and let it sit for some time and let the temperature come down , the top of the power would become soft .

Look at the beautiful power and you can see the layers coming off when I'm separating the pow .

So these have turned out really fantastic .

Like I said , you can make nine or 12 or 18 power with this recipe totally up to you .

How big you want the power to be ?

Give this recipe a try and please follow all the tips and tricks and the instructions given because that could help you make a very beautiful bread , enjoy .


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