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2023-07-10 09:16:28

Big Texan Steak _ Recipe _ BBQ Pit Boys

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Welcome to Barbecue Pit boys dot com .

Today we're grilling up a big Texan steak at the pit and it's real easy to do .

All right , what we have here is a piece of London broil .

Uh , it's also known as a top round , right ?

It's a gorgeous piece of meat , but it is tough .

So , one of the ways to tenderize it is use a meat tenderizer .

One with a lot of forks and needles at the end , you know about that .

Right ?

And that breaks down the fiber and another way to do it is to marinate it and that's what we're gonna do as well today .

All right .

So for this recipe , you're gonna need some beef broth .

So , pour that in your plastic marinating bag or whatever you're using for marinating right now .

Here we have some olive oil .

Yep .

Just a little bit of olive oil .

We've got uh some soy sauce .

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Oh , man , this will help tenderize it .

We've got some Worcestershire sauce .

We've got some of our SPG .

All right .

A little salt , pepper garlic .

And here we've got some lemon juice right now .

Of course , the citrus acid in the lemon juice will help tenderize it .

Now we're gonna put this in the refrigerator for two days , really help tenderize it .

You've got the time right ?

Do it on a Thursday for a Saturday grill .

So now after a couple of days , this is what it looks like .

Maybe not so appetizing but tender and moist when this big Texan steak is done .

Now for the grill , we're gonna add a little coating of olive oil , right ?

Both sides .

Simple enough .

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This is gonna be good .

Alright .

So now it's called the big Texan .

Why ?

It's because we're using our big Texan rub and if you don't have any big Texan rub , we'll use your favorite rub .

You're getting the idea and the technique here .

Right .

So we're gonna use our Big Texan and many of you are familiar with that and we're going to coat it fairly heavily .

Bold sides in a way .

This is another layer of flavor .

Right .

Right .

So we've got all kinds of flavor on the inside and we're packing it on the outside and what a combination you'll end up with .

Right .

So now to the grill , we go , we're gonna cook it at about 275 F .

Not much more than that .

We're gonna do a low and slow as uh , as far as steaks go .

Right .

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And uh , it won't take , but maybe an hour more or less .

And during that point , uh , just move that steak around to get some even cooking .

Right .

Just simple enough .

Take your time .

No , high heat required which some London broil techniques call for , but not in this case , were fully marinated and this is what you get .

Are you kidding me ?

Course .

Oh , Martha , Martha , we're gonna be eating good tonight .

Now , here we've got some , uh , butcher paper .

Right .

And we're just going to wrap it in there for a little bit .

Let it set .

We've got an internal temperature of about 100 and 25 to 100 and 30 F .

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Yeah , just wait 2030 minutes , right ?

I can't wait anymore .

Take a look at this .

See the moisture sweat out of there .

Oh man , I am telling you , you will never have a better piece of top round and some will say never better piece of steak too , right ?

Uh So I know you're asking .

So we're gonna um got into this a little bit .

Oh This is what it's all about .

So be sure and go out and get yourself some top round .

Make it real tender by following this technique .

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Hit it with a metal meat tenderizer and then marinate it for a couple of days well worth the effort .

Like I said , as you can see here .

Oh Lord , have mercy .

So uh to get the exact ingredients , of course , head on over to our website and while you're there , sign up a barbecue Pit boys chapter for yourself .

We'd be proud to have you ?

Oh , man , you kidding .

Take a look .

Oh , this is what it's all about , right ?

So , remember this the next time you need a good recipe for your pet .

Check out barbecue pit boys dot com .


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