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2023-07-10 09:16:44

Perfect Tender Flank Steak _ Marinade and Grill Recipe

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Hey y'all .

Thanks .

Tune in to outdoor indoor Texan today .

I'll be showing you how I grill .

Perfect flank steak .

Now , this cut of beef comes from the cow's lower abdomen , which is admittedly a leaner , oftentimes tougher muscle group .

Luckily for y'all flank steak is also a family tradition that my grandfather , my dad and now I cook up often .

We have more than a few tips and tricks to share on how to make it tender and tasty .

Make sure to follow along and let me know if you have any questions in the comments below .

First up flank steak takes to a marinade really well and thankfully letting a lean piece of meat like this sit in a marinade will do wonders for its tenderness .

I'm using a vacuum seal type bag to marinate my steak , but you can just as easily use a Ziploc or even a bowl with a weight over the meat .

If you prefer , start out with two tablespoons of cracked black pepper .

One tablespoon of Kosher Salt , 2 to 3 minced cloves of garlic or one tablespoon of garlic powder depending on what's on hand .

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One tablespoon of crushed red pepper and finally covered the entire steak with Worcestershire sauce for my bag .

That was about one cup .

Make sure the marinade is thoroughly mixed and sitting primarily over the meat .

I usually just fold the bags .

So all the liquid is focused in that one pocket where the steak is .

Now , we're just gonna let the steak marinate in the fridge , the longer the better an overnight soak is ideal and you can even stretch it out further than that if you'd like due to a time crunch .

This steak only marinade for about six hours , which is still plenty of time to tenderize and pick up flavor from there .

Take your steak out of the marinade , bring it up to room temperature and then head outside to fire up the grill and get to cooking .

I'm using my big green egg , but just about any grill that can get up to a solid high heat sear somewhere around 400 to 600 F will work just fine .

This is not gonna be a low and slow kind of cook place .

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The steak on your grill and sear each side for somewhere between 2 to 5 minutes .

Each specific times will vary depending on how hot your fire is and how thick the steak is .

I usually let the tongs tell me how I'm doing by constantly pressing and probing the meat .

Feeling the steak transition from a spongy raw kind of give to a firmer and firmer cooked internal ti that being said , your best bet will always be an instant re thermometer to know exactly what's going on inside the meat .

I pull my flank steak when all sections are reading above 100 and 20 F , I say all sections because most flank steaks will have a thick portion and then a thinner tail end the tip and will of course cook a bit further than the thick side .

So make sure you probe the entire steak before calling it done .

One big tip for tender flank steak is to keep the internal temp on the rare side , medium rare if you absolutely must .

But if you get much more cooked than that , it's gonna quickly turn into jerky .

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A tender steak is a well rested steak .

Allow for a minimum of 15 minutes before carving .

This will give the meat a chance to reabsorb and distribute the juices that have been constricted during the cooking process .

Finally , the last tenderness tip and one that is often missed is properly carving flank steak .

This cut of meat has very long , pronounced mussel grains carve your steak diagonally against the grain and you'll be amazed at how much better your bite will get tasting .

This steak brings back a whole lot of nostalgia for me .

This is that cheap and easy steak of weeknight family dinners .

The marinade adds an excellent layer of flavoring that meshes so well with flank steak's natural beefiness , all that marinating and then high heat sear leaves you with a firm bite , but something tender on the inside that gives away easily as you chew .

It's just an all around great steak that isn't too much fuss and has plenty of bang for your buck .

That'll do it for this one .

And thank you all so much for watching .

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If you have any questions , please feel free to leave a comment below .

I'm always happy to talk shop with my viewers .

For those of y'all new to the channel , please make sure to like and subscribe for more great content to come .

All right , y'all take care .


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