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2023-07-10 08:54:58

Play Piano - Improvising Using the Chromatic Scale

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Happy New Year's 2008 .

My name is Ron Worthy and today I'm gonna show you how to play .

Have fun , I should say and improvise with the chromatic scale myself .

OK , Mr Ron , what is the chromatic scale ?

Well , that's when you're gonna play all of the notes .

You're playing the white , the black , the white , the black to white succession .

You aren't gonna skip , you're playing each one as , as it arise .

Rise , OK ?

For instance , Sea shark , the shark , F sharp GG sharp A A sharp BC .

Now , of course you want two octaves .

Um I'm right here .

You can see , I just play .

No , OK .

So what is the fingering ?

What is so nice about this finger ?

You're only , you're going to alternate between fingers number one and three .

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And in the right hand you only play , use the index fingers on the F and the C more than one octave .

OK .

Now I go watch this 1313123131312313123131 .

I think it's 345 at the end because you could probably can see it's 345 .

OK .

I the Indie .

So if you're gonna only play one octave , see the left hand is 431322 .

Index fan two is on E 13 , one , index finger plays on the index finger plays on be OK in the left hand .

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But uh this lesson is about showing your finger .

This lesson is really about how you can use the chromatic scale and have fun and creating your own melodies and improvise , you know , and just have fun .

So I'm gonna show you what to do .

Let's say you're playing a minor chord D fa and then you went to a G7 the FGB me C OK ?

Because you're , we're playing ad minor .

Start on a core tone , a core tone D minus D , you have four core tones , the D fa and C .

So let's start on D and play , play a chromatic scale up to a , I'm gonna choose B be part of the uh G scale .

Yeah .

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And see , see a later on I started and tempo with my sound something I'm just gonna create , create a melody uh improvise just using chromatic .

You know , I'm not gonna use it all the way I sound like a circus .

But listen , uh you have to experiment , you know , you have to play , you have to experiment , I tell my students is all the time and just use your ears and you'll come up now uh just come up with your own ideas , but at least you have to practice that scales .

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So uh you'll have the under , you know , you have your fingering under your belt .

So let's say if , if I , if I was playing AD M or 2 G7 and I'm gonna , I'm going to run uh a chromatic scale from D to D see .

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Came down , see you and uh guys just have fun and come up with your own ideas .

OK ?

But uh learn the chromatic scale and you'll be enjoying yourself and you'll be enjoying your play .

OK ?

Until the next time .

Bye bye .


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