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2023-07-07 13:49:29

Creamy Cajun Shrimp and Sausage Pasta

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Next up in a pan , take two tablespoons of oil once heated , add in a tablespoon of finely chopped ginger and a tablespoon of finely chopped garlic .

Cook it for a while until its rawness goes away .

Next goes in some slid green chilies .

You can put more or less as per your preference .

Next goes in some spring onion .

Whites cook it for a minute or two .

And when it starts to become tender and change its color slightly , then goes in one onion which are cut into cubes or chunks like this followed by one capsicum , which is again cut into cubes .

This way , you can use any different colored bell peppers or capsicum over here to make it more colorful .

Cook it just for a while , say about one minute , we don't want to overcook it as we want to retain its crunch , then goes in two tablespoons of tomato sauce .

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Two teaspoons of red chili sauce or paste , whichever you have handy .

Two teaspoons of soy sauce .

Then I'm using one teaspoon of sugar to enhance all its flavors .

One teaspoon of vinegar makes everything very well for a while .

I'm also adding some salt and again mix while the sauces are getting cooked in a separate bowl , we'll take a tablespoon of corn flour or the corn starch to which I'm going to add half a cup of water to make a slurry out of it .

Keep mixing it so that it becomes smooth and free from any kind of lumps .

Now , while adding this corn starch slurry to the vegetables , mix it and let it cook for some time .

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Then we got a yellow one , you know , uh , it's up to you .

You can do equal parts the same .

You know what I mean ?

I like to use like , just a little bit less when I do the , uh , the yellow , but it's up to you and we got a yellow onion .

I've already went ahead and diced this also .

Uh this was like a uh I'm gonna say like a large this , we'll just go with that and just call it a large .

All right , I'm just showing you this right here because I keep my pepper in this right .

Here's the thing .

I got the pepper that's inside of this is a sweet black uh excuse me is smoked black peppercorn .

I got this from a sweet Smoky Joe's also , hey , since I started using that smoked black uh peppercorn .

Hey , nothing else .

Now we got oregano .

This right here .

This is creole kit .

Look , this is my Creole season .

I'm going with the Creole seasoning .

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Now , I'll just show you this is how it looks .

All the pasta looks separated and it's nicely coated with all the flavorful sauces .

Do not overcook .

It just switch off the flame .

It's looking really tempting and colorful you can enjoy with some spring onion greens on top for your snacking or even for your kids stiffen box .

So I hope you enjoyed watching this another version of pasta .

If you like share and subscribe to the channel for more such amazing videos .

I'll see you soon in my another video .

Take care .

Bye bye .

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Just go ahead and use two .

We're gonna go ahead and just chop those here .

We got heavy whipping cream .

This right here .

This is just one cup and then listen , you saying Cajun Creole and all that , then you gotta have that and just that and sausage right here .

Just one little link .

Complete link gotta do it .

And I'm gonna go ahead and chop this up and get it , you know , chop uh I'm gonna get it sliced thinly and I'm gonna start with , you know , olive oil .

Then we got chicken broth .

You know , hey listen , this is not less sodium .

This is uh you know , just like the full on .

You know , the goodness you can .

If you guys are watching your sodium intake , you can go ahead and do the reduced sodium .

Uh version of that right now .

I've been waiting to show you this .

Look at here , you see this right here .

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This is all the shells from what's been peeled , you know , from my shrimp .

I'm gonna ask you guys , I'm not gonna spoil it right now , but you guys gotta trust me .

Go ahead .

Save them .

I'm gonna freeze them now until I fill up this bag .

Once I got them filled up in about two weeks , I'm gonna put out a video and I'm gonna show you why we're gonna save this .

Most of you guys are thinking we're gonna make a stop but I got something else .

Hey , that's good to save them too .

But just get in the habit of anything that you peel like this .

If it's seafood , go ahead and write what it is on there and just freeze it .

That's a pro tip .

You guys , hey , you're gonna thank me for this one later and now for the fettuccini , listen , I got these in the pot already cooking .

I'm just gonna get them cooked to the time they're supposed to be and then I'm gonna stop them right ?

So which is like 12 minutes then I'm gonna put them in my calendar .

Soon as I put them in the calendar , I'm gonna , you know , shock you with that cold water because we're gonna stop it because after that , we're gonna put every , all the ingredients in here .

We're gonna continue cooking .

You don't want your noodles to be mushy .

Now , with all of this being said , hey , let's get it .

Ok .

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First thing , first look , we got our shrimp , right .

We're gonna go ahead and just start adding everything to it .

So I'm gonna take my oregano a little salt .

I can give it a nice generous pinch , right ?

Black pepper and now my creole seasoning and then you just wanna stir it around , you know , you wanna get everything blended well and there you have it .

Now for the next step , you wanna go ahead and heat up your pan , right ?

We're gonna start off on a medium high heat , you know .

So then go ahead and add some olive oil to it .

Then you know what ?

We just wanna get the olive oil and get it nice and hot .

Once that becomes hot , then you wanna go ahead and add your uh shrimp .

Now , the thing is , listen , I got like a lot of different size shrimp and it's a lot , right ?

So you wanna make sure that your shrimp is able to lay flat .

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So you just wanna cook it for like 2 to 3 minutes on each side and then once it's done , then go ahead and put it on a plate .

You can see that plate right there .

It doesn't have no napkin on it .

Right .

Or no paper towel because I don't want the , the paper towel to absorb anything .

It's ok if something drips off of them , but we just gonna leave them like that .

Then here I'm just adding , you know , just a little bit more olive oil and you can see how I cut my end sauces up and then go ahead and just add that to the pan .

Same concept when we did the shrimp .

Y'all .

Listen , we wanna make sure it is , you know , flat .

Now , you can see I'm using that wooden spoon and I like that , that edge on the bottom .

See how it's flat .

It's straight , makes it real easy to get that goodness off the bottom of them .

Uh Those pans , folks , you guys got to get it and it protects , you know , that non uh stick uh surface .

Now , just go ahead and then you can see right here , hey , listen , your mouth should be watering because you can see that that olive oil is taking on a new color because that's where , you know , our meat is starting to sweat .

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So I added the sausage right back right on that same plate and there you have it .

Now we're gonna set that off to the side and listen , now is time to do the veggies .

Now , listen , we only gonna cook these veggies just long enough so that they become , you know , like soft , it's up to you .

It's the texture that you guys like for me under a medium high heat .

And then OK , you just see right there .

I'm adding my creole seasoning and then I'm coming with the brown , you know , the brown sugar , but I cook mine for about , I don't know , I'm gonna say about five minutes .

You know what I mean ?

I like for it to have a little bit of , you know , like a , a firm texture .

You know , when I go ahead and taste it now , that's my garlic .

That's how I chopped it up .

I didn't do no mince because you don't have to .

And then when you put the garlic in , you wanna make sure you only , you don't burn it .

So I guess I'm gonna say anywhere from a minute minute and a half would be good after that .

We come with the crushed , you know , tomatoes .

Then we're gonna come with our , you know , our heavy cream and then we're gonna put our chicken stock in there and then we just gonna keep working it .

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Now , don't forget we still got the medium high heat .

So once I get all of these ingredients inside there , we gotta keep it stir , you know , and , and then we wanna bring it back , you know , get like a semi boil .

So we'll just say we want to get it back to like a simmer .

So you can just see , I'm just moving it back and forth .

You know , we just gonna let it cook and there you have it right there .

You see it starting to simmer right there and once it starts to simmer , I cooked it for about two minutes when it was simmering .

And then I went ahead and add my Parmesan cheese .

Now I reduce my heat down to like a medium , you know , because we're just gonna take our time and let that Parmesan cheese , you just wanna let it melt and it's a little tricky .

You know what I mean ?

So just take your time , trust the process .

And you can see as I'm stir right there , you can see it starting to uh thicken up .

So now is the time to go ahead and get your , you know , your uh fettuccini noodles and go ahead and just , that's your pasta and go ahead and just , you know , insert it once you get it in there .

Now , you gotta figure out how big your pan is because listen , I got a lot of noodles , you know .

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So listen , we gotta get it all , you know , coated after that is real .

Listen , in this order it was noodles and then we come with the sausage and once we get the , the sausage , you know , the cooking side of that and completely coated and then we put the shrimp because listen , the shrimp is perfect right now .

So really , we just wanna add the shrimp the last I'm gonna say like the last 2 to 3 minutes , right ?

So there's our shrimp right there .

Now , we just put that on there , you know , put that inside of there and then we just mix it all up and then we get ready to serve .

Now , I can tell you this , you could put this in the center of your table , You know what I mean ?

And everybody can like pull from that .

That's a great presentation .

But you guys let me know down in the comment section below .

What do you think about serving these in the dish ?

And there you have it a creamy Cajun pie .

So tell me what you guys think about this one here .

Another super easy , you know , recipe , huh ?

You know any time you see the word Cajun , you know most people jump right on it .

Hey , so let me just put it together for you for perspective .

You got Cajun .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Then when you say sausage , you start thinking about that and or even the smoke sauces and you add shrimp , you can't go wrong and listen , if you're doing your weekly uh planning of your meals or your biweekly , however , you guys are doing it for your meal prep .

This is just something you gotta put in a rotation just to break it up .

Now , if you're new to my channel , let me just say , hey , thank you .

For watching me .

Don't forget to subscribe and like this video and tell everybody out there , there's a channel out here to simplify these recipes and taking the mystery out of cooking .

And if you've been watching me for a minute , folks , you know how I'm gonna get out of here .

Peace .


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