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2023-07-09 14:29:26

Advanced Blues Guitar Lesson - Playing Over the I IV V

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OK .

One approach on the A uh seven of the blues , a major Pentatonic and then on the forecourt , modern Pentatonic five cord minor Pentatonic if you want major works on it too .

And then also this little piece of E blue scale works really well on the five court too , right back in the air .

OK .

So now for a seven , you have always want to practice the A seven A , we're not gonna just play an Arpeggio in a solo , but we're gonna be able to superimpose that those are the strong notes and build melodies around him .

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And that's how you really hear the sound of the chord A seven Arpeggio .

And then we had a couple of ideas off of that .

These are , let me do the D seven , you know , ring finger , obviously , but , and then the E seven or we're gonna just do that up a whole step .

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D seven A seven E 70 See guys , you can start to hear it .

And here's some ideas off of those Arpeggios .

First one is the A seven Arpeggio we have and we're just doing this the major third .

We're just playing the root and the third but signing into it .

So for a seven you could just play but you're like , yeah , you know , whatever .

But , yeah , not if you're like , you know , all of a sudden .

Oh , ok .

Yeah , it's a nice little , you know , like it .

Ok .

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So that was one and so they know where it is for D seven and then E seven and the root is also above it too , or below it .

Musically speaking .

Hey , kind of snazzy .

All right .

So that was one idea another one was we were using this lick and I did play it a second ago .

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D mm D Hey , OK .

So that was one , um , the other one , you know , obviously there's an infinite amount , but that was a good one for us .

Those two , right ?

There were great .

So then the other one , was , for instance , for a , is this little box too and they go together , but this is another little nugget , a little nut just that , you know , you got a route right there so he could go .

Yeah .

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You know , and in the blues , I mean , it's all supposed to be little concepts that you're spraying out .

Yeah .

OK .

I'm trying to get my descriptive words .

So , yeah .

So just another one .

And then for d it'd be this .

Yeah .

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And then also this is part of the D two really good for D , I mean , obviously it's an A blues but for when you're over ad and then one of the earlier ones a minute ago , Peer good one too .

Cover all three hammer on the B string on the seventh for D , I mean , you could do it over a too .

I'm just saying it outlines ad seven .

Right .

And , um , yeah , yeah , I mean , that's a lot right there .

I think that's a lot to work on .

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So now I will , um , show off , I mean , demonstrate , um , in a show off teacher .

I purpose and God .

Oh , yeah , one more thing , one more thing for , uh , for E , the little E box .

We didn't do so for D we went and you can do it right here for E with that , all that stuff for E right there .

But you can also do an E BOX right here .

That , sorry .

Yeah , which is good .

So listen to the , I'll try and , um , ok , I'll do a 12 bar blues with the time soon .

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That was all a now e the , hey D , yeah .

Right .

11 last time we'll see you .

Yeah .

Da a , yeah .

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A major pentatonic D seven D seven or try out , uh , a seven or , uh , try out .

Sorry .

The E nine cor .


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