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2023-07-10 09:17:07

OONI Koda Cooking Steak in a Pizza Oven

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Hi , I'm Andrew from the food Good channel .

If you thought that pizza ovens were just for cooking pizzas , you might be wrong today .

I'm gonna show you how to cook a steak , using a high temperature pizza oven .

Stay tuned to find out how cooking steak in a high temperature pizza oven gives you a fundamentally different result than cooking in a frying pan in an oven or even a barbecue .

The sort of temperatures that you can achieve in a pizza oven up around 500 degrees Celsius is about 100 and 50 degrees higher than using a high end barbecue with the lid closed .

So , what I'm gonna do is show you how to do that .

It's a very simple process .

I've got some porterhouse steak .

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The first thing you want to do is just pack that all , pat that dry .

It's at room temperature .

It's been out of the fridge for a couple of hours .

So it's nice and dry .

Now , we'll be cooking this at 500 degrees with an open flame .

So there's gonna be quite a bit of splatter .

Um , and we might just cut off a little bit of the excess fat .

You want some of the fat cap , but we don't need all of it .

Right .

So all you wanna do then it's not a bad thickness .

It's not too thick and it's not too thin .

I wanna grab some , some olive oil and I might do this on the plate .

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So we just simply put a bit of olive oil on , rub that in and put it all over .

This is a really simple recipe .

Then we're just gonna put a whole lot of salt and pepper .

So you're trying to crust it with as much of this as possible .

This crust is not gonna over flavor it .

It's just going to um most of it will come off , but it just helps to give it a crust when it's , when it's cooking , we're gonna be using a wrought iron skillet .

You can use a cast iron one but wrought iron is good because it's less than half the wipe .

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Oh , but um of um a cast iron skillet .

And the other thing is if you are using cast iron skillet , I recommend using just a flat bottom , not one with ribs in it .

Um Because what we're gonna be doing to this is we're gonna be adding a whole lot of butter and some , some uh garlic and thyme and rosemary and it's just a whole lot easier to baste when you don't have those ribs in the way .

So we'll , we'll get a nice , so this is good .

We just coat it nicely with all this sort of stuff and that is kind of ready to go .

What we need to do is get the other ingredients ready .

I'll show you what to do with those in a moment .

So I'll put that aside , get my own salted butter .

So get some cloves of garlic .

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I like to use a few in there .

So let's just use four .

We just wanna give them a bit of a squash .

I'm not gonna use that one .

I have to take the skin off .

So these will be ready to go .

Beautiful .

So just you want all that flavor to come out .

So we put those in a little dish .

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It's ready for that , cut up some butter and I do want quite a bit of butter in this and I'll just cut that into little pieces .

It makes it melt quicker when it goes into the pan .

Let me just put a little bit more in there just in reserve .

So what I'm gonna be using today is an Erie coder .

Little small gas fired pizza oven .

It cooks .

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So the internal temperatures up around the 500 degree mark and it's a great oven for cooking things .

Obviously like pizza .

That's what it's made for .

But at that temperature , we can cook some really nice steak and uh , you'll get to see exactly how that , how that works .

So we get some of these gonna break off some of this , put that in there will do .

It's got a really fragrant smell like rosemary , a little bit of thyme that should do it .

Just put those aside , grab a bowl for those , take those out , we'll go out to the , um , to the , to the pizza oven .

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I'm in the process of heating up the coder to cook the steaks .

So , the first thing I'm gonna do is put my rought , I skillet in and give that a bit of a warm up for a few minutes .

Um , we'll give that about three minutes or so until it gets pretty hot and then we'll come back and I'll put the steak in there and we'll start cooking the steak .

One thing you have to remember is that these handles can get rather hot .

I think that handle at the moment is 100 and 10 .

Oh , no .

Sorry .

Yeah , about 100 and 10 degrees .

So you need to try and keep something on there to remind you all the time that it is actually , uh , quite hot .

Otherwise you'll burn yourself .

We're looking for , we're up to about 270 degrees Celsius approaching 300 pretty quickly .

Just want a bit over 300 to start with .

I've got the UN coder I set to maximum , just put that back .

And also I don't want to put that too close cos that might start burning .

So I've just got it on the edge .

I don't want that to fall off .

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We just want that there so that we can actually grab that handle without burning .

So , I've got my steak ready .

I'm just heating up the pan and soon we'll be , uh , able to start cooking the steak .

So our temperatures up , uh , well , over 330 degrees .

So I'm gonna use that now .

We'll get a bit of smoke here and this is when all the action starts .

So , I'm gonna put that .

Yeah , and we'll stick that back in and we'll do that for around three minutes or so .

It's been in there for a few minutes .

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Let's just take that out and see , there's a bit of quite a bit of crust on , quite a nice sort of , uh , brown in there .

Turn that over , just give that a little bit more time .

Yeah .

Ah , it's looking pretty good .

So we're just gonna stick that in there for a moment and then what we'll do is we are going to put in , I'm gonna turn the heat down on the coder .

I'm gonna just go to low and start putting in some of this butter .

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Mhm .

A little bit more for now .

Garlic faces .

I speak of rosel .

Sorry .

So , what we do here .

So we start basting , we get all these nice juices happening .

Space .

That a little bit and we'll put that back in for a moment .

I'm gonna make sure that doesn't catch fire .

That would be bad it's on low so we'll keep an eye on this .

It's not going to be in there for very long .

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So the heat in there is on low at the moment .

Yeah , that's a bit of smoke so they're getting quite nice .

Alright , so we'll take that out .

I'll put it there for the moment .

Actually I'm gonna take steak just let that rest .

Ok , let that sit there when you use these juices can use all that in a moment .

That'll just be really nice on top .

So we just give that a few minutes to rest .

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So it's pinkish inside in the middle and fairly well cooked on the outside .

That could have used a little bit less time cooking .

But it just shows you how fast this takes .

Well , how fast cooking in here and how fast you can cook a steak in here .

So let's just move this off here .

Spoon if we go now to , to this , we've got , let's get these Briggs out so you can put some of this on and we've got some of the rosemary , some of the thyme , some of the rosemary .

Yeah .

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And then it's just a little bit of that sauce over that .

Now , this has got the salt and the pepper in it and the garlic and the rosemary and the thyme flavors .

You really don't need anything else .

Now , let's try Peace Ski .

Hm .

Super tender and that's super flavorful .

It's a really great way .

To cook steak .

Hm .

Sorry , I'm enjoying this so much .

That's really good .

Um This is Andrew from the food good channel showing you how to make steak with Rini coder .

Thanks for watching .

Don't forget to like , share , subscribe um and hit the um , yeah , hit all those buttons or like share , subscribe and do some comments or something down the bottom .

Tell us what you think .

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Um , tell us uh how you found , um , how easy you found it to cook or how hard you found it to cook the steak .

See you later .


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