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2023-07-09 14:07:52

How to Make SCALLOP PASTA Like an Italian

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Scallops pasta .

If you love scallops , you will love this dish .

Oh , yeah .

Let's take the scallops to the next level .

Mhm hm .

Mhm .

Hi .

And welcome to plate the place where you get to learn how to cook delicious Italian recipes .

And today it's scallop pasta time .

I'm gonna show you our love to do it .

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I love to enjoy my scallops pasta and I hope you will enjoy it too .

Let's make it together to make scallops pasta for two .

We need 300 g of pasta .

You can use lingua .

You can use spaghetti any long pasta that you like .

Then I'm using fresh chili but you can use dry chili .

I'm using 12 scallops .

Ok .

So I'm counting six scallops per person .

Three are gonna be for decoration and the other three will be inside the sauce .

Then we need two garlic cloves .

We need nice cherry tomatoes from the market .

If you can one lemon to give the nice flavors right at the end , fresh parsley , of course , chopped extra virgin olive oil , salt and pepper .

Simplicity .

This is what simplicity is like .

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So first thing to do , let's squash the garlic just like this and let's cut the cherry tomatoes enough just like that .

These are beautiful juicy cherry tomatoes .

OK .

Use top quality , please .

And also let's finally , finally , finally chop the chili .

All right , let's put the pan on a medium high heat .

OK ?

We wanna cook this on a medium high heat so we can see the scallops .

So extra virgin olive oil .

OK ?

Be generous about 34 tablespoons .

And then what I'm going to do here is I'm going to put the garlic in there , OK ?

I'm just putting the garlic in there because I wanna give the flavor to the oil , OK ?

And then we're going to remove the garlic , OK ?

Just leave it in there .

And at the same time , I'm going to put the chili in there .

OK ?

So we're gonna cook the chili and the garlic together .

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Now the chili will stay and the garlic will go , let's infuse the oil with flavors and because we squashed the garlic , all the flavors of the garlic are coming out .

OK ?

So it's a good trick if you wanna give garlic flavor , but you don't wanna eat the garlic .

So when you see that the chili saute , what you do is you take out the garlic and we are ready to add the scallops .

OK ?

So now I'm gonna put the scallops in there and we basically want to cook one side .

I want to see one side and I'm putting the nice smooth side at the bottom .

OK .

The smooth one because I want to see that part where in there and just be careful with your hands .

Unfortunately , this happens .

So this is pretty normal that you know , this happens to your scallops .

Uh Just be careful with the oil .

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After two minutes of cooking , we're gonna add the cherry tomatoes , OK ?

Just be careful .

Put the cherry tomatoes in there and we're going to turn the scallops around , turn them around .

Say that's my seed .

Basically want the brown color on the other side .

Say that's what you want .

That's what you want .

Look at this one , that's the color that you want , OK ?

This one is a bit too pale .

So let's keep cooking it , want them to be dark , we really want to cook one side properly .

Perfect .

See that's the color that we want to achieve .

Perfect like this one , OK ?

After about one minute and a half , you will see that the cherry tomatoes will get softer and that's where you want to press a little bit .

So the juice will come out OK ?

We want to get the juice out of this cherry tomatoes , OK ?

Very , very important .

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The juice is the flavor that you want to give to this pasta .

OK ?

So let's get it out .

In the meantime , we're still searing the scallops .

So keep pressing the cherry tomatoes .

The juice is what is going to give the flavor to your pasta .

So that's what you want you just use a large spoon and squash those tomatoes , just squash them .

Squash them .

Yeah .

Look at the juice coming out .

Look at that .

Look at that .

Now , what we do is we're gonna take out the scallops that are perfect for decoration , something like this .

Ok .

So see the juice is coming out , you know , when the tomatoes stop releasing the juice , that's when it's ready .

Ok .

Once you put the cherry tomatoes inside , you will keep cooking for a maximum of five minutes .

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Otherwise we're gonna dry up our beautiful scallops .

So this is what we wanna do .

Just get the sauce out and get this beautiful cream here .

See this beautiful cream from the cherry tomatoes .

This is what you want .

OK ?

The smell is delicious .

Can you smell it from the camera ?

Huh ?

Can you smell this from the camera ?

I'm not sure .

I am not sure if you can , but this is delicious .

This is when it's ready .

See the sauce is out .

This is drying up a little bit .

It's time to switch off the pan and let it rest .

OK ?

See our scallops are ready and cooked and we are now ready to boil the pasta .

OK ?

Now get a large pot of water .

And what we do is we are going to add one generous tablespoon of rock salt .

OK ?

To the pasta water .

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The water is gonna do and then you're ready to add the pasta .

OK ?

Put the pasta in there .

And what we do is we press , we press in so we help the pasta to be cooked evenly .

Because if you don't do this , you're gonna have some pasta left out of the water and it's not gonna cook evenly .

Ok ?

So do that and follow the instruction on the pocket .

This one takes 10 minutes .

Ok .

The pasta is ready .

It's been 10 minutes .

Let's get a mug of pasta water .

OK ?

Because we do need this to combine the ingredients .

OK ?

And let's get the pasta out pasta .

It's like but it's dry .

It's not made with eggs .

It's just selina and water .

Let's see if the pasta is cooked .

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Mm beautiful .

And I now the pasta is ready .

We're gonna put some off mango pasta water in there .

We're gonna put the pasta in it and mix the reason why we do this is because we want to make this a little bit creamier and we combine the ingredients properly .

We mult the ingredients .

What I wanna do now I wanna put some nice lemon zest on top of a pasta .

The lemon zest is gonna take the beautiful flavors out .

Oh I do love lemon zest on my pasta .

I absolutely love it .

And believe it or not lemon and cherry tomato , they love each other .

You will be amazed at this .

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Let's put the parsley , put the puzzle in there and now it's time to toss , toss , toss , toss .

Oh yeah .

Time to love it .

Look at that see the pasta is creamy like I said to you .

Look how creamy this pasta is .

Look how beautiful it is .

Look at that .

Look how sensational this scallops pasta is huh ?

Silky delicious and full of flavors , full of flavors .

Last but not least put some salt and pepper , salt a little bit of pepper and we're ready to toss right now .

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It's time to serve this beautiful pasta .

So let's play it nicely .

Yeah .

Now let's play it nicely , please .

Ok , guys , you need to be gentle with this past .

Ok .

Make sure you get all the scallops .

The scallops are gold and now we're going to place these three scallops right on top for decoration .

Let's put a little bit of parsley , a bit of parsley everywhere .

Let's put more lemon zest on top to finish this off .

Hey guys , this is time to eat .

Oh yeah .

Best time of the video recipe .

Let's get a scallop .

Let's get the pasta .

Mm .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Mm .

Hm .

Long scallop .

The pasta is so creamy , so moist .

How do I explain this ?

Now , I can't explain it .

You need to make it yourself .

So you get to understand what kind of flavors I'm talking about .

This pasta is so good .

Look at that .

I've got the scallop .

I've got the pasta and now it's going into my mouth .

Hm .

Mm .

Can you tell me from the video how creamy it is ?

I think you can can you understand Mason ?

Can you feel it from the camera ?

Hm hm .

Mm mm .

Thank you so much guys for watching this episode .

I will see you in the next Vince .

Just play video recipe , the chainsaw plate .

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Mm Yum .

Mm mm mm mm mhm hm .

Yeah .

Rather applause to me .

This is sensational .

It is make it , make it now .


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