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2023-07-09 14:23:11

How to Make The Perfect White Rice _ Cooking Tips _ Made To Order _ Chef Zee Cooks

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Welcome back to my channel made to or or I'm Chef Z and today I am back with another chef Z tips video and this video is highly requested .

I'm going to be showing you how to make the perfect white rice .

Keep in mind that there are a ton of different ways of making white rice .

And today I'm simply going to be showing it to you my way .

Now do keep in mind that making white rice is honestly an exercise know in your stove and all that means is that every stove acts very differently and it all depends on how hot your stove is .

So for example , my stove gets really hot so hot that I've actually named my stove Bale on the Black Dread .

So for any game of Throne fans , you know exactly who that is .

Now to start off .

You do want to use a 1 to 1 ratio whenever you're making white rice and all that means is that you want to use the same amount of rice and the same amount of water .

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Now when I mention that making white rice is an exercise in he in your stove .

So my stove gets really hot and I actually have to use a ratio that's slightly higher than 1 to 1 .

So , if I'm making two cups of rice , I'll use two cups and a quarter cups of water .

Now , if I'm making rice on my mom's stove , whose stove doesn't get that hot and actually warms food a little bit slower than my stove .

I'll use a ratio that's slightly less than 1 to 1 .

So I encourage you guys to start off using the same amount of rice and water and then tweak it depending on how hot your stove is .

Now , also keep in mind that white rice comes in a variety of different textures and it all depends on how you like it .

So if you're like my aunt who likes her rice slightly grainy , then use slightly less water .

And if you're like my sister and my stepfather who likes their rice on the stickier side , then use a little bit more water .

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Nonetheless , if you follow all the tips and the directions that I have in this video , you'll end up with some super yummy , perfect white rice .

Now , let's get started .

We're going to kick things off by adding some water into a pot and then adding some salt and some oil and you want to add just enough salt to make the water slightly salty because this is going to season our rice .

Now , you can also add a boon cube instead because this will also make your rice nice and tasty .

And while the water is coming to a boil , we're not going to wash our rice with some cold water and swish it around just a little bit and then drain it .

Being sure to catch any rice spring that may slip out .

You want to repeat this stuff about two or three times until the water comes out less and less cloudy each time .

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And once the water starts to boil , we're now going to add our rice and you want to be careful because it's really easy to make a mess in this part .

It happens to me each and every single time .

So once you've added the rice , be sure to mix it around just a few times and we're going to let this come to a boil .

Now , you want to pay attention to do this part with the flame on medium to high .

And once the water dries up , we're going to stir the rice one last and final time before we cover it .

This part is really important just to make sure that not all the rice is stuck to the bottom .

Now , I like to cover my rice with some aluminum foil and then the lid because this is going to create a super steamer in my rice and it's going to ensure that my rice cooks in about 20 to 30 minutes .

And once I cover the rice , it's really important now to set your flame to the lowest possible setting so that the rice can steam and not burn .

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And after 20 minutes , we're now going to check on our rice and fluff it up so that we can eat some of this yummiest .

Now , I like to take a spoon or a fork .

Both will work and take the rice from the bottom of the pump and bring it up to the top .

And I do this a few times , breaking up any clumps that may come up .

And then at the very end , I like to take just a tiny bit of oil and drizzle it over the top just to get rid of the last few clumps .

So there you have it guys .

My tips and tricks to making the perfect right .

R let me know if you have any questions and don't forget to come back next week when I have an all new video .


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