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2023-07-08 09:03:06

Super-Quick Pasta Sauces - How to Cook Pasta with the Chiappas

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Now we're just gonna focus on making the perfect perfect pasta .

So for those of you that know how to do that , this fid is not for you .

This is almost your dummy's guide to cooking the perfect pasta .

First thing , right amount of pasta per person .

I would stick to about 100 grammes per person .

Next correct amount of water .

It doesn't look like much pasta , and it looks like a lot of water , but that is just right .

Make sure there's at least double , if not triple the amount of water for the amount of pasta you use .

Some people put way too little , and then it's just shrivels up to nothing .

Make sure your water is boiling before your pasta goes in .

Really , really important .

There's no rules but a generous pinch of salt into that water .

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Getting that seasoning started right from the get go , and there we go .

Pans ready .

It's boiling .

It's got salt in with the pasta .

Give it a stir .

Every different type of pasta has different cooking times , in my opinion , only use the timing on the packet as a guide .

It's all about tasting it , so I know this one's gonna take about 8 to 10 minutes .

I'm gonna leave it there and come back and taste it to check whether it's cooked .

I'm not gonna follow that timing literally .

Now is the time that I would either go make my pasta sauce or make sure it's ready .

Pasta does not wait around .

You have to be prepared .

So this has been boiling away .

Now for about eight minutes , I'm just gonna have a taste almost almost ready .

You've probably heard the term , which is an Italian term , which means to the bite .

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And when you take that bite , it should be soft but firm to the tooth .

And sometimes you can see a little little little white strand right in the centre there .

If it's soft all the way through , it's overcooked , and that is what you don't want , because it'll be like MASH .

You really , really want to have that bit of firmness to it .

So it was almost ready .

I'm just gonna try another little piece .

Yep , perfect .

You can either drain it using tongs and take it directly to your pasta sauce , which is on the heat , or you can drain it into a calender .

If you left that there without anything on it , it would stick together , go all gloopy and overcook .

This is as simple as it gets olive oil and Parmesan , salt and pepper .

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But the most important thing is you can see here the pasta is perfectly cooked .

It's holding its shape .

It's nice and smooth and silky .

It hasn't gone like mush on the plate .

Once you've mastered this technique , you can apply it to all the different sauces .

And we've done a few 62nd sauces , two minute pasta sauces .

So try them out .

I'd love to hear your thoughts , too , if you've got any tips and techniques , so feel free to write them in the comments box below .


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