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2023-07-09 14:23:23

Ayurvedic method of cooking rice_ remove starch from rice_Destarch rice_SATVIC RICE COOKING

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This video is how to remove from rice .

I'm coming up with an ingenious way to remove starch from rice .

In this video , this method of cooking is followed by southern part of India even today .

But it is one of the old methods .

And so let's see how this method of rice is helpful .

Soluble carbohydrates are removed from this method .

So , sugar loading is decreased .

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This also reduces the co content of the food resulting in better died of food , decreased sugar loading , reduces the chance of getting obesity , insulin resistance and also type two diabetes stars metabolizes quickly to increase their blood sugar , increased blood sugar increases insulin resistance and also increases the fat storage .

Let's see how it is cooked now .

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Mhm The rice results and removing the surface starts from the rice results in decreased Gummi of the rice .

It this is Yes .

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Yes .

Listen .

Mhm Yes .

Can also use a colander to collect the rice for this method .

So there are many benefits of drinking the gui water .

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The rice water or starchy water is packed with vitamin B niacin riboflavin which are very essential for your brain development .

Drinking this water one hour before having your food also result in reduction in total intake of food as your tummy is already full by drinking this water .

So you're going to eat less for that particular meal .

See , the rice is well cooked , close the lid and little zip on the countertop for 10 minutes and then it's ready to serve by wrapping this method .

You're gonna reduce around 15% of total starch intake .

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It's also uh very beneficial for people with diabetes and also people watching their weight .

So brain scooped by this method is also separate and fluffy .

So if you really love your rice , then you cannot completely stop eating .

So partial control is also a very important aspect .

Rice cooked by this method is separate and not clumped together .

So you also tend to eat less than usual .

Yeah , I hope you like this video .

Subscribe to my channel to get more such amazing healthy recipes .

Thank you .


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