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2023-07-07 13:47:16

White Sauce Pasta in Tamil _ Pasta Recipe in Tamil _ How to make white sauce pasta - Indian Style

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ऍम ॅ नाम मच्छर का पाँच अोला चेतला नई ॅ यह तो मैं कवर कुतर का टाइम फॉलो नहीं कहूँगा ।

फॅर ऍम ॅ इधर मातृवत चला ।

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Things you're more likely to find in the supermarket or in your home pantry , boxed spaghetti , ground pork , sweet Italian sausage eggs , grated Parmesan fennel seeds , parsley breadcrumbs , whole milk , crushed tomatoes , garlic and onion .

These ingredients may be simple , but I'm gonna use my chef magic to make them better if I had to guess this probably cost about $15 .

$18 .

I was close .

If I had to guess this is , this has to be about 100 and $75 265 dollars for meatballs .

Anything I don't use is going home .

What I'm concerned about to the best of my knowledge , I've never tasted a barrio pork .

It may have been in some of the food that I've eaten in restaurants , but I don't know it .

I sent Beth some fresh Iberico meat .

Most people relate Ibero with ham .

But what they don't realize is that there's other cuts of meat on that pig that we can use .

And fresh Iberico is delicious .

This pork has to be a fortune .

I could definitely use a little help with these ingredients .

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Hi , Rhoda .

Hi , Beth .

It's so nice to see you .

It's been a long time .

It's very nice to see you .

How do I use Iberico pork ?

This has got to be really , really expensive .

Well , Iberico pork comes from special pigs grown in Spain and Portugal and they have a diet of acorns which gives them like a really rich and nutty flavor .

The plume cut comes from near the shoulder and that's gonna have a really nice balance of lean meat and fat .

So you're gonna want to make sure it's really cold .

You also want all of your equipment to be really cold and it's helpful if you can cut the pork into strips and then you're gonna feed it into your grinder .

I think that'll be great for your meatballs .

Yeah , I think so too .

This is gonna be good .

They're gonna be amazing .

Yeah , they're gonna be really great with the ramps .

I think .

Very cold , ice cold .

The grinder is cold just like Rhoda said , I'm a big fan of grinding my own meat .

This way , I get to pick the piece of meat that I grind , make sure it has enough fat and that it looks really good .


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