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2023-07-09 14:23:53

How to Cook Rice in Saladmaster MP5 _ Naomi's Corner

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Hi , salad Master owners .

Now I'm here to teach you how to cook your rice .

Today , we'll be using your five MP five , which is also your rice cooker .

We call this multipurpose cooker because aside from rice , you can also cook different recipes such as a , you can use this as your slow cooker .

So now we're gonna use this as a rice cooker .

So what we have in my insect here in my MP , one is two cups of rice and then cook two cups of water .

So we rinse it twice already .

So the ratio would be one cup of rice and then one cup of water .

Then , um , inside , you've got to use water .

If you are using your insect , you've got to put at least two cups of water inside before placing your insect .

And then just to prevent a lot of noise , you can put one piece of , uh , paper towel and then you can put it inside and then cover it .

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And then all you need to do is set up your , uh , probe .

So we're gonna heat the temperature and then as you hit the temperature , you go to rice too .

Because you're cooking more than one cup and then that's it .

All you need to do is wait until it stops from cooking .

It's gonna go to 150 just to keep it warm until you're ready to eat .

Ok ?

Now our , our regular rice is already done .

So if you wish to cook a brown rice , all you need to do is just cook your brown rice directly to your uh rice cooker .

Don't use the insect because the , the brown rice is harder to cook and you don't have to set up your probe for rice , wine or rice too .

If you're cooking brown rice , all you need to do is set your temperature to at least 300 degrees .

OK ?

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And then cook it for like 30 minutes and then it's gonna shut off automatically .

All right .


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