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2023-07-10 08:59:58

Capturing Pieces vs. Pursuing Checkmate _ Chess

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Let's just see what happens .

Is he gonna take the night ?

Ok , Martin is smarter than I gave him credit for .

Let's play again .

Martin , since I lost in one move .

Hey , guys , the rules are simple .

If my knight makes it to the first rank without getting captured , I win .

If at any point during the game , Martin captures my night before it makes it to the first rank , then Martin wins .

Checkmate doesn't really matter , although it does end the game and I can no longer complete the challenge .

Good luck Martin .

Here we go .

I'm gonna play queen to E two and just to see what Martin does .

Ok ?

He's pushing the pawn over there .

I'm gonna just kind of stall for a little bit and see what Martin's strategy is going to be .

Let's move the king this way .

He's just slowly pushing the ponds , which is actually quite difficult at some point .

I'm hoping he has to , um , overextend .

Ok .

We can almost take this , but it seems risky .

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The pawn is cutting off E five and C five .

So we have to take the night and then night to E four .

The other night jumps in check , the king only has one move D five .

Now we introduce a new attacking piece .

The rook cannot be taken by the pawn which is pinned by the queen .

So we're forcing black again to take , he could have taken the pawn as well , but he takes the more valuable knight .

Now introduce again a new attacking weapon .

Rook A to E one check , sacrificing a pawn .

And now white hits him with C three pawn check .

The king has one move D three .

And now to end the game , we have rook to D five double check because there's a bishop there on age seven , double check check mate .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And if we notice whites given up two nights , a bishop , it's 9 , 10 , 11 , 12 points worth of material has only captured five points of material , but it's the black king that's checkmated .

So chess is clearly not just about capturing pieces .


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