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2023-07-10 09:20:58

How to Cook Clay Pot Chicken Rice without a Clay Pot

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Clay pot .

Chicken rice can be cooked without a clay pot .

Today , I'm sharing a method of making this dish with a rice cooker .

This recipe is for 4 to 5 servings .

The ingredients needed are 500 g of whole chicken leg cut into bite size .

Any part of the chicken can be used as well .

One piece of lap Chong or Chinese sausage , two cup of Thai fragrant rice or just mint rice , 600 ml of water , five pieces of chita mush .

So until soft and cut into half one stop of spring onions , 2.5 tablespoon of ginger scallion sauce , 1.5 tablespoon of light soya sauce , 1.5 tablespoon of thick soya sauce , 1.5 tablespoon of oyster sauce , half teaspoon of pepper , two tablespoon of onion oil , 1.5 tablespoon of and half teaspoon of sesame oil .

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The full list of the ingredients and the measurements are in the show link soak the lap Chong for about five minutes , ensure that they are fully immer in the water .

This is to easily remove the lap Chong skin .

Next mix the sauce in a large bowl .

Add in one tablespoon of onion oil , half of the sesame oil , one tablespoon of oyster sauce .

One tablespoon of light soya sauce , one tablespoon of thick soya sauce .

Three quarter tablespoon of wine and quarter teaspoon of pepper stir with the whisk until welcome by .

Leave it aside .

Next marinate the chicken .

Add in the balance of the onion oil .

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Sesame oil , light soya sauce , oyster sauce , thick soya sauce and one tablespoon of ginger scallion sauce wrapped into the chicken and marinade are well incorporated and leave it aside .

Next lightly , rinse the rice with water and drink it .

Do this twice , then transfer the wash rice into the rice cooker .

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Evenly spread the rice so that the rice is level .

And in 600 MLO water usually I will measure the water with my hand .

The water should be about 1.5 inch above the rice rice .

Let's cook the rice cover the rice pot by tilting the car .

However , a little to allow the steam to escape for the new model of the rice cooker .

This part can be skipped .

Press the button and allow it to cook while waiting .

Prepare the lap Chong .

After soaking about five minutes , the lap Chong skin has expanded and is easy to remove .

Give it a wash pat dry with the kitchen towel , slice them into a tin slanting shape .

Put them in a bowl switch on the heat drizzle a little oil in the pan put in the lap Chong and fry it until they are cooked .

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This will take around two minutes , remove them from the pan and leave it aside in the same pan .

And in all marinated chicken and the chita mushroom give it a stir .

We want to precook the chicken and chita mushroom to make sure that they are well cooked and tender before mixing with the rice , cover the pan and simmer for 10 minutes , come back and stir in between to prevent burning at the bottom of the pan .

Alright , while waiting for the chicken , the rice cooker setting has changed to keep warm .

At this stage , the rice is cooked , cover the rice pot completely to prevent the rice from drying up .

After 10 minutes , the chicken is cooked .

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Switch off the heat , remove mushroom and the chicken pieces from the pan and set it aside in the rice pot , spread the balance of ginger scallion sauce and in the chicken mushroom and the fried lap to pour the sauce mixture slowly over the chicken so that the sauce will sip down into the rice Sprinkle , a handful of cut spring onions cover the rice pot completely and allow it to set for a minimum of 15 minutes .

After 15 minutes , the chicken rice should be ready .

Switch off the rice cooker .

It can be served in the rice pot or transferred to a serving plate stir and mix until the rice is well coated with the soy sauce mixture .

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Alright .

This should be ok .

Sprinkle the cut spring onions and serve with red eye chili chopped garlic , light soy sauce and ginger scallion sauce .

Let's eat very tasty and flavorful .

The rice is very fragrant and the chicken is tasty .

It is very simple to cook and can be enjoyed with the whole family .

Thank you for watching .

Please like and share if you have enjoyed this video .

This is home cooking with something .

Thank you and bye bye .


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