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2023-07-08 09:14:11

How To make a Juicy well done steak

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Hey , everyone today , I'm gonna show you all how to make the best .

One of the best steaks .

Here's what you're gonna need .

First thing that you will need is one rib eye .

This is a bone in rib eye accent , garlic powder , parsley flakes , salt pepper , butter , one crushed garlic clove and a packet of .

And as you can see , I've already seasoned this steak very well with these seasonings .

OK ?

And the red tint that you see here is the saone packet .

I've just sprinkled some on both sides .

Now , the first thing that we're gonna do , I'm gonna show you how to make a butter compote in this butter .

I have , I have three tablespoons of butter inside of this butter .

I have dill weed .

I have parsley flakes .

We're gonna put a little bit of salt .

We're gonna put a little bit of pepper .

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All right , we're gonna put some garlic powder .

All right .

What we're gonna do , we're gonna just mash this up and this here you can use any , you can use any spices that you wanna season this with .

OK ?

Any spices you can put chives in here .

All right .

This is what we're gonna do when this steak is done .

We're gonna smear this .

We're gonna put a dollop on the top of this steak and when it melts those flavors , oh , my goodness .

Those flavors will melt down into the steak .

All right .

This butter compote done .

All right .

Next thing we're gonna do , I have a pen , I have a saute pan .

We're gonna turn this pan up on medium high .

All right .

We're gonna get it nice , nice and hot and what we'll need .

We're gonna use butter .

All right .

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So we're gonna put some butter in our pan here .

Not too much .

Let's get this butter to sizzling and we'll be right .

OK .

This was about one tablespoon of butter .

And what you wanna do is you wanna wait till that butter gets nice and sizzling just like this .

All right , you always wanna make sure your butter's , let me wipe my stove down .

Always wanna make sure your butter is nice and bubbly this way .

Now , go ahead and lay that rib eye in and watch it work .

Don't touch it , eye on it .

You wanna get a fork and make sure when you season your rib eye , you put a nice amount of salt in there .

A nice amount of pepper .

A nice amount of Sassone a and garlic powder and just a little bit of par switch .

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All right .

This is very simple .

Some people make it complicated when they make steaks , but I'm gonna show you the fastest easiest way to make the perfect rib eye .

Now , what we're gonna do with that crushed garlic clove , we're gonna go ahead and throw that in there .

And what's gonna happen is this garlic clove is gonna let off a lot .

When I tell you a lot , it's gonna let off a lot of garlic flavor into the butter .

So we'll just let that sit in there for a few minutes and then we'll take it out after it's done its job .

You don't want it to get too dark , OK ?

But just long enough to perfume or butter , OK ?

You will be able to smell the garlic and you'll be able to see the color that the garlic has to indicate that it's time to take the garlic out .

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You can smell the perfume of this garlic all through the house .

So we're done with the garlic .

The garlic has done its job .

All right .

Let's take a peek in at this beautiful rib eye .

You want it to be nice and brown .

Now , a good way that you can tell if your steak is well done .

Medium rare , rare .

This is a good technique .

Give this technique a try .

You will love it if you hold your hand this way and squeeze it tight .

That is a well done .

If you loosen it up a little bit , that's medium , well , loosen it up a little bit more .

That's medium .

OK ?

Loosen it up a lot more .

And that's medium rare .

Ok .

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So if you try that , tighten your hand and keep loosening it and you'll see exactly how you want your steak because what you do is you'll touch your steak and it'll feel just like your hand .

Just like the technique I just showed you .

It's a really great technique .

We're gonna go ahead and turn this over .

Oh , yeah .

Oh , yeah .

That's what we want guys .

I'm gonna go in with a knife and just cut right here where the fat is because the reason why it curled up was because the fat , the fat tightened up and it made the steak curl .

But if you just cut a little bit of that fat right there , it'll lay back down just like it did .

Awesome .

At this point , I'm gonna put just a little bit more butter in just a little bit .

OK ?

About that much .

Awesome .

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Be patient .

When , when you make , when you make steak , you wanna cook it up on high heat and sometimes you'll get smoke and as you can see , you'll see the smoke , but it's OK .

That's part of making a steak and cooking it up on high heat .

Just make sure you have your range .

Uh , you , you have the fan on top of your range , turn that fan up on high and you'll be just fine , but you always , always , always cook your steak up on medium high because if you don't , and you cook it at a lower temperature .

Your steak will be gray and it just , it won't turn out right .

Oh , this is beautiful .

This steaks got a few more minutes and hey , we'll be ready to go .

Beautiful .

I'm gonna tell it .

Awesome .

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We're almost there and we're there .

This here .

Beautiful .

What ?

Let me go over to the steak and fix my camera .

Ok , everyone , I have the steak plate it up .

Let's go ahead and put this beautiful compo butter with all the seasoning .

Right .

Smacked it on top right there guys .

Oh , and you can only imagine .

Mm .

Once this starts to melt the flavor that you get .

Oh my goodness .

Let me get a knife and we'll cut down into this .

Oh , beautiful .

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All right .

I have a little bit of a one sauce .

You have to have steak sauce on the side , right ?

You have to have steak sauce .

Watch this guys .

Let's cut down into this bad boy .

I'm gonna show you one beautiful steak .

Look at this guys .

Oh , perfect .

Mm .

Mm .

Mm .

Mm .

Yeah .

Mm .

Oh , beautiful , beautiful , beautiful .

Mm .

Mm .

Mm .

Mm .

Mm .

Mm .

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If you all enjoyed this recipe , give me a thumbs up if you haven't subscribed , subscribe to my channel if you know someone that would like these recipes .

Mm .

Give them my information and as always , God bless , have a great night and thank you so much for watching this .

Rib Eye is so good right now .

Guys , I seriously wish you could taste it right now .


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