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2023-07-07 13:46:04

Spaghetti Aglio E Olio - 5 Ingredient Pasta Recipe!

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Hi guys .

Today I am a little bit nervous because I'm gonna make for you spaghetti .

This is a classic Italian recipe , and the reason I'm nervous is because one of my other Italian recipes or I don't know if I can call it an Italian recipe caused a lot of consternation for a lot of Italians .

I'll leave a link for it just here .

But anyway , we're talking about one of the easiest Italian pasta recipes you will ever make .

It starts off in a pot with some spaghetti .

Now , spaghetti that basically means garlic and olive oil so you can't take many more ingredients than that .

But it does Start off with some good quality spaghetti straight into the pot .

Just push down your pasta and make sure that it all gets nicely coated in that boiling water .

It is important to make sure that you have salted boiling water , which I have right here .

This is going to cook away for about 9 to 10 to 11 minutes .

You want dente pasta .

This is essential for this recipe , so we have our pasta cooking away .

I'm going to slice up some garlic , and for this recipe you just want to slice your garlic .

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Nice and thin garlic has a tendency to burn in hot oil , so we're going to start this in a low pan .

OK , we have a heck load of garlic , so now it's time to fry it up .

We've got a dry , cold frying pan , and I'm just going to put the heat on and quite a generous amount of extra virgin olive oil here now , normally with extra virgin olive oil .

I would only use it if I was making a salad dressing , because if you cook it like this , it actually burns off some of the flavour .

But because this is the only good element of this recipe , I am using the best quality olive oil I can get my hands on .

So about 5 to 6 tablespoons going on in here , and then we're going to add in our garlic , and now you'll notice it's going into some cold olive oil .

The trick here is to make sure that you slowly infuse that olive oil with all that great garlic flavour .

So if you add it and it's quite hot , it'll just burn the garlic , so you want to bring it slowly to temperature , and you're looking for a nice golden brown colour on your garden .

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Now , while that's coming up to a nice simmering point and it's going golden brown , we're going to chop up some flat leaf parsley .

You don't have to add this in here , but I do think in a very simple and plain dish like this , a bit of fresh aromatics like flat leaf parsley will make all the difference .

And actually , that's starting to simmer too much .

So I'm just going to turn down the heat right down to its lowest setting and let it slowly come to temperature .

Give your flat leaf parsley a nice rough chop , so we've got the Parsi , and then , finally a little bit of red chilli flakes .

These are essential if you want that little bit of heat that bit of bite to this pasta recipe .

So only a pinch of that going in with our garlic , which is nicely coming to temperature .

I don't add them earlier than this because otherwise they can go a little bit bitter and they can burn just like the garlic can if you're not very gentle with it .

So this is looking pretty good .

I'm going to reserve some of that pasta water .

Take a generous jug full of that going on there .

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I'm gonna grab up my pasta , and it's time now to drain it so straight into a colander and straight back into the pot looking good .

And now we need to toss through all these great ingredients .

So pull back that parsley .

We need to get our oil straight in there .

I know it looks like a lot , but you know what ?

This is so much flavour in here and with your pasta .

This is instant spaghetti success so straight in there .

And then we're going to go in there with our parsley and in there with a generous grating of Parmesan cheese .

And now , at this point , it's about tossing this all together .

I've reserved that little bit of water if I need it .

But at this point , I'm just going to toss it through with all that oil and see how we're fixed .

Now , I would normally add a little bit of water , but I actually don't think I drained enough off , so it's actually got enough .

The only thing it does need at this point is a final little grating of Parmesan cheese .

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It's coated quite nicely , but I think that last little hit of Parmesan just makes all the difference .

And then all you gotta do is give it that last little toss and serve it straight up .

Hm ?

Mhm .

Mm mm .

Just give me a minute , ma'am .

II .

I don't know what to say because people think with simple recipes like this there there's not much point in making them .

But I promise you , you make this very simple spaghetti with garlic oil and chilli flakes , and it is instant success .

There is so much flavour going on in there .

The Parmesan cheese .

You've got the spiciness of those chilli flakes and that garlic has just gently infused that extra virgin olive oil and made all the difference to the coating of this pasta .

Beautiful al dente .

Spaghetti .

This is one I know you're going to give a go because it is just that easy .

Check it out in the box below .

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You'll get the full recipe over on my website .

Make sure to subscribe .

Check out all our social media .

There'll be spaghetti and all sorts of things over there .

And of course , leave us a comment in the box below , letting me know if this is the authentic spaghetti .

I hope I've done you proud , my Italian friends .

And until then , I will see you soon in spaghetti success .

Goodbye .

I'm nervous even talking about this .

But today we are going to make spaghetti .


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