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2023-07-08 09:12:54

Jet Tila _ Beef & Broccoli

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What's happening guys , Jett here and we're gonna make one of my favorite dishes , beef and broccoli .

And uh let's get into it .

Make sure this uh water is at a simmer or a boil .

And I'm gonna throw this broccoli for a very , very short time .

Now , this is the shocking part .

You've got a nice giant bowl of ice water and that's gonna stop that cooking process .

Nice bright green and I'm just kind of taking that raw edge flavor .

Uh I want the broccoli sweet .

I still want it really crunchy , but I just don't want that raw taste .

This equalizes the cooking time because the beef cooks really , really quickly because it's cut really thin .

The blanching of the broccoli is done .

Let's move on to the meat .

So we're talking about beef and broccoli .

So another very authentic Chinese technique and trick that they don't teach you , but I will because I care is going to be marinating your meat .

First thing is gonna be baking soda that's gonna help tenderize your meat .

Second thing is going to be uh corn starch .

OK ?

So let's get into the flavoring .

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It's very crucial panda brand cooking soy sauce by not just any soy sauce y'all .

This is my favorite authentic soy sauce and it's got a nice round flavor .

Good soy sauce .

Should not just be brackish and salty .

It should have a nice complete flavor and savoriness .

Almost , almost like a sweetness and aroma to it .

And then we've got pure sesame oil going in and I just want that for aroma .

People make the mistake of using sesame oil to stir fry .

That's not the place sesame oil burns , it's not the place to go there .

So we want that in here .

Let's get that marinade in there .

It's not a lot and it doesn't need to be remember all this is gonna be absorbed by the beef .

So make sure to get in there and really work that marinade in .

Let's make sauce .

So the soul of this sauce is going to be panda brand oyster flavored sauce by Lee .

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And you kind of don't need much more than this because that's gonna give you that savoriness , that sweetness , that really complete flavor .

A little bit of Chinese rice wine .

If you don't have Chinese rice wine , a little cherry , a little white wine will work .

Um Another kind of secret Chinese ingredient is using a chicken boon powder .

All right , or what we call chicken powder that's getting really thick .

So let's thin that out with a little bit of water .

And that's just gonna give us a better viscosity .

It's gonna spread the flavors around and it's gonna help , uh , give us a sauce that sticks because water and cornstarch makes slurry .

Another fancy cooking word cornstarch helps sauce thicken and coat the dish .

Fundamentals of walk .

Cooking .

Number one , get that heat as high as possible .

Let that walk or pan preheat for at least a few minutes .

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Number two , use the right oil and I'm talking about a high temperature low flavor oil .

I see wispy white smoke .

That means I have mere seconds to get cooking .

We're gonna go garlic and very quickly we're gonna go beef because we don't want to burn that garlic .

You have a tremendous amount of 4 to 500 degree surface area .

Let's use that because that is gonna be the key to getting food brown and remember brown food tastes good .

I'm taking a second to really sear the meat and concentrating on that .

So I'm looking for a medium rare in the meat but beautiful color on the outside and I think I'm there .

So I'm gonna do my first toss .

Now I see some pink still , which is good .

I just want to get rid of like the ultra rare bit .

So I'm gonna turn them over .

Ok .

So now let's go broccoli , make sure it's drained very , very well .

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Let's get the broccoli to absorb the heat .

Now we just have beef a little break .

So the tossing is really getting everything to kind of sear and singe and we call that and now it's time for sauce .

Let's give it a stir because sometimes cornstarch settles .

And what I'm looking for is this sauce to pull together .

Corn starch activates when you start to see the sauce simmer a little bit .

All right .

And I know that once those little bubbles start to form the corn starch is pulling this together and I'm gonna start plating .

Now .

I am old school .

OK ?

I like white rice with my stir fry .

So I'm gonna use just plain old white rice right here .

Go .

I'm gonna go right over lots and lots of sauce .

Look at that , all that flavor really is coming from , uh , that oyster flavored sauce .

I can put some sesame seeds on top , a little bit of cilantro there .

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But I am a scallion , crazy person .

You can't have enough scallion .

And because I'm fancy , how about some microgreens ?

It's only one way to know if I've done a good job .

You gotta taste your food .

Hm .

It's really has that savory sweetness and the beef is tender .

The broccoli is adding a nice brightness to it .

I love this dish , breakfast , lunch or dinner .

You can be taking , take out indoors if you like this recipe .

Go to LKK dot com .

I'm Jet Tila and we'll see you later .


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